Mississippi name change for transgender people

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Mississippi Name Change Law

§ 93-17-1. Jurisdiction to alter names and legitimate offspring; legitimation by subsequent marriage.

(1) The chancery court or the chancellor in vacation of the county of the residence of the petitioners shall have jurisdiction upon the petition of any person to alter the names of such person to make legitimate any living offspring of the petitioner not born in wedlock and to decree said offspring to be an heir of the petitioner.

(2) An illegitimate child shall become a legitimate child of the natural father if the natural father marries the natural mother and acknowledges the child.

SOURCES: Codes 1942 § 1269-01; Laws 1955 Ex. ch. 34 § 1; 1981 ch. 529 § 5 eff from and after July 1 1981.


Precedent for transsexuals

[no specific case noted]