Hawaii name change for transgender people

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From a reader in February 2005:

I wanted to give you an update on the forms and costs for name changes in Hawaii. I just did mine in the past month and this site has the newer information compared to what I sent to you earlier.

Lt Governor James R. "Duke" Aiona Jr., State of Hawai'i - Name Changes


It's a very simple process that only takes a couple of weeks. I submitted my forms and a copy of my birth certificate on December 29, 2004, paid $50.00 and got the preliminary form back from the Lt. Governor on January 5, 2005.

I took the preliminary approval to a newspaper on January 19 and had it published on January 20 for $50.00. I received the formal approval on January 24 and had it recorded on January 27, 2005. I could have done it much faster if I had chosen to. Had I submitted the name change notice for publication right away I would have had the final document recorded by mid-January.

I have had all of my legal documents changed as of February 10, 2005 albeit not totally satisfactorily because Honolulu will not change the M to F on my license until I have completed SRS.

I hope this is helpful.

A reader writes in March 2004:

Hi, I'm sending a link to forms and instructions for legal name changes in Hawaii. I hope this helps to had Hawaii to the list.

State of Hawaii - Public Forms <http://www2.hawaii.gov/StateForms/ShowForm.cfm?StartRow=51>

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