Delaware name change for transgender people

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1. Petitioner(s) must be residents of the State of Delaware in the county in which
the petition is filed. If more than one family member, living in the same household, wishes
to change their name, they may do so using one petition. Each petitioner will receive a
certified copy of the signed Order.

2. If you are the parents or legal guardian of a minor child and wish to
change the name of this child, please read the special instructions for Name Change of
Child before proceeding further. A minor is one who has not reached his/her eighteenth
(18th) birthday.

Notice must be given to the general public that you are changing a given
name. This is done by filing the Notice of Name Change with a newspaper of general
circulation in the county in which you reside. The notice must be published once a week
for three (3) weeks. You are responsible for the cost of the publication. After publication
is completed, the newspaper will provide you with an Affidavit of Publication. The Affidavit
of Publication must be returned to the Court Clerk’s Office along with other
documents in this packet.


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