Colorado name change for transgender people

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In June 2003 a reader sent the following:

The Colorado information and forms (both Word and PDF format) are posted at:

Information for Change of Name – Adult Word / PDF Revised 11/2002

Another reader notes in July 2003:

This is the sad state of affairs in Colorado right now. (One of these docs has the full instructions, the others are forms involved.) Fortunately, once you've jumped through the hoops to get the criminal background check done, you can change your name (unless you've ever been convicted of a felony).

Hope this helps!

There are also forms for the petition and order.


Minors notice

Adults notice

Minors petition

Adults petition

Other resources

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Colorado state law

The applicable main law is in the Maine Revised Statutes at Title 18-A §§13-15-101-102, C.R.S.


Precedent for transsexuals

[no specific case noted]