Staying on course

I can't resist driving the road map analogy home (pun intended).

Keep your hands on the wheel

  • You have a plan-- don't get distracted!

Keep your foot near the gas and brake

  • You may need to speed up or slow down. Be ready for both.

Check the mirrors

  • Take a look at how far you've come, and learn from mistakes and discoveries you made along the way.

Check the signs

  • Try to anticipate what's coming up. Look for warning signs of problems ahead, so you can react in time to avoid them.

Check the map

  • Not just this one, but the one you just drew up for yourself.

Ask directions

  • Not asking is such a guy thing! ;-) Ask advice from those who might help you get where you're going.

Enjoy the view!

  • Transition is a pretty amazing experience few will ever know-- be sure to appreciate the little triumphs and amazing moments along the way.--

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