Have a great journey!

One of the greatest inspirations in my own transition has been Melanie Anne Phillips. Thanks to her willingness to share, I realized that transition was possible for me or for anyone who really desired it. A recurring phrase Melanie uses is absolutely true:

"Reality is the stuff dreams are made of..."

I hope you now understand exactly what Melanie means by this, and that my information will help turn your own dreams into reality.

Transition is just the beginning...

I also hope you've learned some habits to keep for the rest of your life. You should always think about what would really make you happy, and what's really important to you. These things will change over time, and you have to adjust accordingly.

If you live each day living truthfully, doing the things you truly love in life, and working to turn your dreams into reality, you will have a very full life.

Best of luck in your travels, and drop me a postcard along the way every now and then!

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