Transgender-recommended electrologists: South Carolina

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A Bare Affair, c/o Hawaiian Tan Margo 612 St. Andrews Rd., Ashland Park Columbia, SC 29210 803-772-3006 Weekdays 10AM-6PM Hourly rate: $55.00. Types of probes available: disposable, insulated, straight. Chosen through: advertisement. Hairs treated for free in consultation. Certification displayed.Wears gloves.

Respondent Comments: Makes a pleasant experience out of something that is not the easiest thing in the world to have done. She put me at ease from my first appointment and took considerable care to educate me about electrolysis, how it works, and its implications before we began. This is especially important since South Carolina does not regulate electrologists. I would recommend this electrologist to anyone, especially since she has expressed a willingness to treat other TG clients. (1 TG ref., 98-10-15)

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