Transgender-recommended electrologists: North Carolina

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About Face Ronda Jones 134 West Mountain Street Kernersville, NC 27284 336-992-2600 weekdays by appointment only. Modality used on respondent: Blend: 100%. Probes available: disposable, straight, gold-plated. Chosen through: web referral. Consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves.

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Dianne Van Dyke

Dianne Van Dyke 1515 Cornwallis Dr. Greensboro, NC 27408 336-373-1212. Closed Friday and Sunday. Hours: 8:30-6:00 By appointment only. Hourly rate: 50.00. Modality used on respondent: Thermolysis: 70%. Probes available: disposable, insulated, tapered. Chosen through: Yellow Pages. Free consultation . Certification displayed. Wears gloves

Respondent Comments: I have an average type beard which Dianne cleared. I was very pleased with the results, there was no scarring, and very little redness even after treatment. My face is now smooth and free of any beard. She went to great lengths to minimize pain by gradual thinning a larger area and she used various oriments that deadened the pain. She takes a very professional approach and I highly recommend her. [1 TG ref. 98-12-15]

Beauty Skin Deep

Margaret S. Wingate 4724-C park road, charlotte N.C 28209 e-mail: Days open: monday to saturday Hours 10am to 5pm by appointment only. Two electrologists, Thermolysis, elctrologist wears gloves but no mask. consultation was free, she is working in my face (hair), yes she have certification N.C LICENSED ELECTROLOGIST SINCE 1980

Respondent Comments: She is a very nice lady.Her place is always clean and she has certification in the electrologist also the more important thing is she has been in the business for 16 years, she has experience with our community. I really would appreciate it if you put this information on your web site because it was so hard for me to find the propery person. (August 2006)

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