Transgender-recommended electrologists: Missouri

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Debbie Glover
Marilyn Cole

Marilyn Cole 9404 East 63rd St  Raytown, MO 64133 816-358-5122 Closed Sunday, Monday. Hourly rate: $50.00 Blocks: $0.00 for 0 hours Types of probes: disposable

Respondent Comments: Has worked with TS individuals for many years. [1 TG ref., 98-02-23]

Marilyn Cole retired as of Jan 1, 2000. She still is working Wednesday mornings for special long time customers. Miss Debbie Glover has taken over Mayilyns practice. She is a St Louis Institute of Electrology graduate and worked under Marilyn for whole year. She was "hand picked" by Marilyn which speaks highly for both individuals. Debbie has done all of my electrolysis including genital for Toby's vaginalplasty. Debbie presently has several other transgender patients. She is very TG friendly. Her fee is $50/hr and over the past two years I have attempted to provide her with as much information for and about TG needs as possible. Much from your web site. The address and phone numbers are the same. Could you please remove Marilyn's name and replace it with Debbie's. And perhaps add or indicated (greater Kansas City Metro Area) That might be very helpful. Debbie is very active in promoting her profession and speaking to other organizations about her work. Thank you so much.....

St. Louis Institute of Electrology

12166 Old Big Bend Blvd. St. Louis, MO (314) 729-1883. This is an electrology school where if you are willing to let students work on you, then its $5 -- and the instructors are TG friendly. (98-05-02, aol)

A reader wrotes: I thought I should let you know the number for the St. Louis Institute of Electrology is now (314) 729-1883. The students will practice on you (supervised) for $5 an hour. If you want the groin area done, none of the students currently there will do it, so it will cost the standard $50 an hour (unless they get a new student who will do it). They seem to be very TG/TS friendly.

A reader writes in 2003: I just spoke with Diane (Itty) of the St. Louis Institute of Electrology and she told me her mother Linda had retired and the school is now closed.

Image Electrolysis

Shannon Dee Ferguson 8460 Watson Road Suite 109 St. Louis, Missouri 63119 (314) 397-0601

1. Electrologist contact information
Health and Image Clinic
Address 8460 Watson Rd. Suite 109
City, State, Zip St. Louis, MO 63119
Phone: (314)397-0601
e-mail: or
Electrologists: Shannon Ferguson, Jessie Jacobs (others on call whose names escape me right now)
2. Days open (put an X by applicable days)
Sunday x
Monday x
Tuesday x
Wednesday x
Thursday x
Friday x
Saturday x

3. Hours _9_ to __9_
By appointment only? Yes
4. Electrologist treatment information
Number of electrologists in office: 2+
Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? Yes
Modality used (%)
Thermolysis x
Blend x
Type of probes available:
disposable x
insulated x
non-insulated x
straight x
gold-plated x
multi-needle galvanic
Electrologist wears a mask. yes
Electrologist wears gloves. yes

5. How you chose your electrologist:
TG referral x
Non-TG referral
Was consultation free? yes
Were hairs treated? yes
Were certification/training documents displayed. yes
6. Please state your opinion about this electrologist:
Having been cursed with the Beard From Hell (aka, A Bad Hair Life), and having been treated by twelve different electrologists, I found Shannon Ferguson's care the finest of all. Shannon's touch with her probe is gentle, smooth, often imperceptible; and she works at a comforting rhythm that I find soothing. Of all the electrologists who have worked on my face Shannon's care has been the most comfortable; indeed, it's often quite painless; and yet it's effective. I feel she has an uncommon talent for, and skill in, her calling. Further, it puts one's mind at ease to know Shannon excelled in her work at the electrolysis institute at which she studied her discipline. It's also comforting to note that she takes commonsensical, methodical care in hygienic procedure. It helps too, that she has a gentle, warm personality, a lovely sense of humor, and that she listens patiently to you and heeds your concerns. Compared with other electrology businesses, Shannon's fees are remarkably affordable (maybe because the cost of living in St. Louis is itself affordable compared with the national median; the bottom line is that it translates into significant savings for her clients - was I pleased!); over a course of complete facial clearing, this adds up to a tidy sum saved - dollars one can devote to other transition procedures one wishes to afford. Shannon elevates the whole electrolysis experience quite some way above all the rest, which surprised me very pleasantly. In transitioning there are three things, to me, that have counted most: comfort, effectiveness, and cost. On all three counts Shannon has, to me, proved unmatched. (By the way, Jesse Jacobs, Shannon's associate electrologist, is also an RN and a wonderful dentist [no, that's not an oxymoron!] who has cared for my teeth splendidly, comfortably; for those who would like to have cosmetic dentistry performed skillfully, for that total girl look, Jesse's an expert. There's more: also in the same office as Shannon's, is Michelle who is a certified massage therapist - before, during, or after a day of electrology, nothing's more ooh-aahhh lovely than one of Michelle's healthy, invigorating, relaxing massages. All three of these caregivers have, for years, worked on their own in their disciplines and have now joined hands to create this new, multi-featured salon.)

Electrology Etc.

141 N. Meramec Ave. St. Louis, MO (314) 727-8313 Very TG friendly , cost are $60.00 an hour (98-05-02, aol)

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