Transgender-recommended electrologists: Canada

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Helen's electrolysis

Helen C. 416-447-8975 E-mail: Hours: weekday evenings & all day weekends. Open every day. $30.00/Genital Area $50. Modality used on respondent: Thermolysis: 20%, Blend: 80%. Probes available: disposable, non-insulated, tapered. Wears gloves and mask.

Respondent Comments: Very knowledgeable, sensitive to my needs, confidential, affordable. [1 TG ref. 98-08-12]

Pacific Electrolysis Institute

Vicki Bellefeuille Duncan, BC V9L 5N4 E-mail: [1 self-reference 99-03-05]

Fairview Electrolysis Clinic

2539 Laurel St. Vancouver BC v5z 1k7 ph 604
730 2624. The owner operator is Evelyn Geatros who has 18 years
experience. She's expensive ($65/hr) but very effective. She also has
access to a dentist and a dermatologist who will freeze various areas before
treatment. The only bruising I get now is from the occaisional needle poke
from the dermatologist. You have to get about 15 to 30 pin pricks with a
hypodermic in the face, but it only takes 5 minutes and the rest is
relatively painless. Areas that have been anesthetized beforehand seem to
heal faster.

GC Services

Christine Burnham 855 West 12th Ave, Echelon 5 Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 1M9 (604) 875 8262 Fax: (604) 875 8249.

Days of operation: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Hours: By appointment only. $32.00 CND. Probes: disposable, insulated, non-insulated, straight, gold-plated, multi-needle galvanic. Chosen through: advertisement, non-TG referral. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves and mask.

Respondent Comments:

Christine is highly caring, professional and current with her knowledge of techniques. She uses Blend, Thermolysis or Galvanic depending on the hair type and the needs of the client. She is willing to accommodate the needs of the client, such as in pain, as long as permanent hair removal is not compromised.

Epilation is quick, permanent and in my case, at 140hrs, is close to completion. She specializes in MtoF facial hair removal as well as post-op labia hair removal. Welfare clients are given advice on how to obtain funding for electrolysis. Her office is in Vancouver Hospital's gender clinic. She will also refer clients to a nearby dentist if a local anesthetic is required.

I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an experienced and professional electrologist in the Vancouver area and beyond.

I received the following sad news in 2003:

Christine passed away just under a month ago, thus GC Services is no more.

I received my last treatment by her in mid-Feb. She came in even though she was feeling gravely ill. While she worked on me, she called a doctor for a quick checkup as she thought her asthma was acting up on her. The following weekend I received a call stating she was admitted to the hospital and things didn't look good. Another week later I received another call from her partner saying there wasn't much time left... she died the following Friday from cancer.

Christine was a wonderful individual that worked out of the old Gender Clinic and provided amazing service to the transgender community of Vancouver. She will be deeply missed.

This followed from Joshua Mira Goldberg (Project Coordinator, Transgender Health Program)in July 2003:

I'm sorry to inform you that a beloved member of the trans community in British Columbia (Canada) - an activist, advocate, artist, and electrology specialist - died after a brief battle with cancer. The listing for Christine Burnham (GC Services) should be removed from your site at

A memorial to Christine is on page 2 of the Trans Alliance Society newsletter, posted at

Thank you for all your website information. I know Christine thought very highly of it and given how blunt she could be, that is a solid testimony to the quality of your information.

I have migrated this information to my hair removal site. You can also register for free at my HairTell hair removal forum to get answers to hair removal questions.