Transgender-recommended electrologists: Arizona

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Jean Davis Jean Davis 2432 W. Peoria Ste 1011 Phoenix, AZ  (602) 870-3435 Number of electrologists: 1 Hours: By appointment only, closed Thursday and Sunday Hourly rate: $60.00 Modality : Thermolysis: 100% Probes: non-disposable. Chosen through: TG referral. Wears gloves.

Respondent Comments: She is quite good, I have had very good results as far as regrowth goes. She has other T* clients, but we are not a big part of her practice. Jean is an RN. Electrology 2000 did most of my work. I go to Jean Davis for the odd bit of regrowth. [1 TG ref., 98-02-24]

Cheryl Endres Cheryl Endres  2345 N. Craycroft Rd. Tucson, AZ 85711 (520) 327-8833 Hours: By appointment only. Professional electrologist, featuring galvanic, thermolysis, blend, multiple needle, disposable probes, surgical sterilization. Licensed and insured. She gives substantial discount for cross dressers and TS's. $45.00/hr. Modality used on respondent: Thermolysis: 20% Galvanic: 20% Blend: 80%. Probes available: disposable, multi-needle galvanic.Chosen through: advertisement and previous client. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed, wears gloves and mask.

Respondent Comments: I think Cheryl is one of the best electrolygists that I have ever gone to. Not only is she a very likeable and personable person, but she is also very knowledgeable about the different methods. Her main goal is maximum and effective treatment. [2 TG refs. 98-09-13]

Other electrologists Basically, being screwed over for time and not enough hairs were treated for the price that was being demanded in a certain amount of time. Also, I was worried about scarring with one of the electrologists that I went to.

Electrolysis by Maria Maria Alonge  1202 E. Maryland Ave. ste 1-D Phoenix, AZ 85014  246-1966 Respondent Comments: Many of the T* folks in Phoenix use Maria. She actively supports the T community. [1 TG ref., 98-02-26]

WARNING: Boston School of Electrolysis™ (WARNING)

Kimberly Willams, MA with private appointments
10255 N. Scottsdale Road Suite 4, Scottsdale AZ, 85253. Phone 480-607-8121.

December 2004 update: Though recommended by a customer, I have learned that Ms. Williams is very paranoid and unstable. She believes I am part of a conspiracy to "pagejack" her websites and has made numerous threats against me. Those who wish to see the full text of these threats can find them on

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