Transsexual voice resources

I recommend avoiding expensive and risky voice surgery. If you are considering surgery, meet a couple of people in person who have had it. That should change your mind. Surgery should only be used as a last resort.

Recommended free resources

I've expanded my free original voice materials at the link below:

PDF booklet also available in German: Wie man seine weibliche Stimme findet

We also have instructions on using a spectogram program to assist with your practice.

Recommended video:

I now offer a video program for Finding Your Female Voice.

You can see additional clips on our YouTube channel:

Voice consultations

I also offer voice consultations via videoconferencing or phone

Details at

Recommended book:

Recommended sites with information and programs available.

Amberspace voice tips:

Ciara's voice tips:

Rach's voice tips: [archive]

How to develop a female voice by Melanie Anne Phillips:

Exceptional Voice:

Jamie Koufman MD urges moratorium on voice feminization surgeries: [archive]

Laser-Assisted Voice Adjustment (LAVA) patients: important follow-up study needs you!

Laura Amato reviews the Finding Your Female Voice program: "The Voice Within." via Laura's Playground

Feminine Voice techniques:

Transsexual Voice for the Tone Deaf:

Transgender voice by Barbie Scott, MA/CCC

Voice and Communication Therapy for Transgender/Transsexual Clients via American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Voice and Gender and other contemporary issues in professional voice and speech training (table of contents only). via Voice and Speech Review, The official Journal of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association

Using Your Computer's Sound Input to Improve Your Feminine Voice:

A reader-recommended program is no longer available, but other sources here: