Vaginoplasty with Somsak Kunachakr

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Address: Kasemrad Cosmetic Surgery Center, 950 Prachachuen Rd., Bangsae,
Bangkok, Thailand 10800

Phone: +6629101600



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From a reader: "I'm recommending Dr. Somsak because he has practice in the plastic surgery industry for 20+ years and has a-lot of experience in GRS (He deals with a big part of plastic surgery of local girls with extremities, making him qualified for those FFS procedures that girls need). He does all the 3 main procedures that Thailand has, 1. penile inversion, 2. penile inversion (scrotum skin graft) <something that Dr. Suporn does>, 3. colon section surgery. He has a policy of having patients in Bangkok for at least 20 days & he is possibly the most affordable of all the Thai surgeons online now. (between usd5,000 - usd6,300 <inclusive of 20 days accomodation, hospital & hotel)."
He is the only surgeon who mentions about patients not meeting the SOC on his GRS <>  page.
2. Flights
It's possible for girls from some country (mainly USA, UK, Ireland) to fly at a much affordable flight rates. I'd seen americans making a round trip for less than usd1,200. Girls should check regularly on online ticketing flights such as: Cheap Flights:  

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