Vaginoplasty with Sheila Kirk (retired)

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Dr. Kirk ran the Transgender Surgical & Medical Center, which closed at the end of 1999. Collaborators J. William Futrell and Ernest Manders continue to work in Pittsburgh.

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An open letter to the community by Dr. Sheila Kirk

Dear Sisters and Brothers:
After much thought, and in some ways struggle, I have decided to retire from active surgical and medical practice on January 1, 2000. It has been a tough decision for a person such as myself. For almost 40 years, medicine has been a big part of my life and for the last 15 years, I have dedicated myself to helping my Community through my experience as a gynecologic surgeon and endo gynecologist.
The launching of TSMC, the first Center for transgender medical and surgical services, developed by a Transsexual surgeon (for those of you involved in the debate, yes, I am transsexual and yes, I have had surgery), has brought much joy to me. It has been hard work. But it has been a labor of love and worth the long hours both in and out of the consultation office and the operating room. The immediate and strong acceptance from our Community has been very rewarding. Perhaps the single most rewarding professional situation of my life. I wish to thank all of you who had the confidence in me and came to the TSMC surgical team for your surgical and medical needs because of my involvement.
But, now it is time, to turn my focus to my private life. To regain my piano technique (many of you may not know that I am classically trained). To take master courses with pianists I have always wanted to train under. To write more poetry and to finish the novel that I have been wanting to complete for several years now. And most importantly, to spend these days with my LifePartner, Pamela, who throughout the seven years of our Union/Communion, has been by my side, working to help to improve the lives of those within our Community so desperate for good care.
Drs. Futrell and Manders will continue offering surgical services to our Community, although without my involvement or association and not within the TSMC Center. TSMC will close on January 1, 2000. Dr. Futrell's and Dr. Manders' fee schedules, policies, procedures, and guidelines may not remain the same as they were under the TSMC Center.
It has always been very important to me to reach people, touch them and give them the best I know how to give. Throughout the years of my work within our Community and especially through the TSMC Center, so many of you have showed me proof-positive that such contact can be made and can be most rewarding to those receiving it and those giving it.
  Peace & Light
  Sheila Kirk, M.D.

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