Vaginoplasty with Sanguan Kunaporn

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Address: Phuket Plastic Surgery Center, 20/44 Mae Luan Road, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Phone: +66 76 221631 or mobile hotline: (66-1) 6913461

Fax: +66 76 236145



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Consumer experiences (most recent first)

LINK: Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn by Marlene Peters (2000)

LINK: Thailand Sex Reassignment Surgery by Heather Jean Lamborn (1998)

LINK: Vaginoplasty results: Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn by Anne Lawrence (1998-2000) (note: graphic images)

http://www.annelawrence. com/sanguan.html

LINK: Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn, Phuket, Thailand: SRS Information (1998) (note: graphic images)

http://www.annelawrence. com/sanguaninfo.html

LINK: Anesthesia Care and Colon Segment Vaginoplasty by Anne Lawrence (1999) (note: graphic images)

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LINK: Colon Segment Vaginoplasty in Phuket: Best Choice for Initial SRS? by Bonnie L.; ed. by Anne Lawrence (1999/2000)

http://www.annelawrence. com/sanguancolon.html

LINK: An American Transsexual in Phuket by Stephanie Jean Smith (1997)