Vaginoplasty result: Preecha Tiewtranon (2003)

I had SRS/Breast Augmentation surgery with Preecha in 2003.

Photos of the outcome are attached.

I have a feeling (call it woman's intuition) that Preecha did not even do my surgery. Why? Preecha has been trying to expand his work with lots of new staff members. My surgery was performed immediately after another identical operation. My belief is that Preecha did the first surgery, and then had an assistant perform mine. Preecha has NOT denied this, despite several specific comments to him.

Preecha claims to be able to produce a natural looking/feeling clitoral/labia area in a one step procedure.

God forbid all his outcomes look this atrocious. Just this week I was with a man in an intimate situation, and he determined that I was a transsexual simply by feeling that area. Call him an 'enlightened sensitive' man, perhaps unusual, but how would you like to have been in my situation? Fortunately, he hasn't harmed me... yet.

Now, I get to live with more fear. Please warn your readers NOT to consider Preecha for their surgeries, it could be hazardous to their health, perhaps deadly!!

Do you post photos of surgeon's work?? Feel free to use these photos to warn others.