Vaginoplasty with Pichet Rodchareon

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Address: Pichet Plastic Surgery center, 521 suthisarn Rd, Huaikwang District Bangkok Thailand 10310


Mobile phone(English) : +662 6908080
Mobile phone (Japanese) : +661-813-0373
Local contact : 01-933-1010
Clinic : 01-933-1010

Fax: +662-277-5907


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Consumer experiences (most recent first)

LINK: Sex Reassignment Surgery by Jessica Sideways (2009)

From a reader in September 2006:

There has been some misconception about this doctor that he prefers (or always ends up doing colo.vaginoplasty), it's not true. However, the online hype build up about him having an office of staff who are very good in english isn't true either.
I'd visited his office and reviewed his file. For the last 100 cases (correct as at 14 September, 2006), there has been 3% complication, 1% re-surgery for more depth and all of them uses scrotum skin graft technique.
He uses Vibhavadi Hospital and Nonthavej Hospital. Both of them are reasonably modern with Nonthavej Hospital mainly for the Thais, it will be a better choice for the patients to prefer Vibhavadi Hospital instead. (Both of the hospital are not accredited in Thailand)

A reader commented on the above in November 2007:

The reader who wrote a comment about Bangkok Plastic Surgery must be a competitor!

The surgeon has several employees who speak perfect English. By the way, "English" takes a capital "E"!

Quote: "I'd visited his office and reviewed his file". Yeah, sure!
And to know the truth about the two hospitals this person mentions, anyone can visit their websites!

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Natalie (2003)
Roberta (2003)
Marilyn (2002)
Christina (2003)
Jami (2001)
Lynn (2002)
Tamara (undated)

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