Vaginoplasty with Paul Daverio

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Address: Helena-Lange-Strasse 13 14469 Potsdam

Kurfürstendamm 37 10719 Berlin (030) 8 86 74 20

Phone: (0331) 28 08 70




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Dr. P. Daverio M. D.: Plastic and recostructive surgeon trained in neurosurgery, urology, and microsurgery
Dr. Michael Krueger M. D.: Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

The head of the department for plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. M.Krueger with education in surgery, maxillofacial surgery had his training in Germany, Brasil, Swizerland and USA:
He is since twenty years espezialised in aesthetic plastic surgery and had performed more than 10 000 procedures.
Since 1994 he is the head of the department for plastic surgery of the Klinik Sanssouci, where he is performing approx 1300 surgical procedures a year.
He is member of the Deutsche Geselllschaft für Lasermedizin, Berufsverband der Chirurgen, in the Deutschen Gesellschaft für ästhetische Medizin, in the internationalen Gesellschaft für ästhetische Medizin.
1995 he built a special department fot sex reassignment surgery together with Dr.Daverio from Lausanne Swizerland who performed since that time more than 350 operations in Potsdam.  

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