My Surgery Schedule

This is my recommendation for how to do this smoothly and efficiently.

*Items in purple can be done at any point, but I recommend doing both after going full-time.

At onset of transition

  • Select and start seeing primary therapist
  • Set a realistic surgery budget and realistic full-time and surgery date
  • Make preparations for full-time
    • Facial hair removal
    • Voice
    • Hormones
    • Face
    • Coming out
    • Legal issues
    • Employment issues
  • Research surgeons and possibly have consultation*
  • Discuss with primary therapist when you might get a surgery letter
  • Get referrals for second therapist, and if necessary, begin therapy
  • Begin genital electrolysis

After full-time

  • Set surgical date*
  • Secure letters from therapists
  • Verify security deposit arrived and date is confirmed
  • Find out date you need to arrive and date you can leave after surgery
  • Make travel arrangements (Get plane ticket, hotel if needed, etc.)
  • Arrange vacation/medical leave from work

One month before surgery

  • Verify therapist letter #1 has arrived at surgeon's office
  • Verify therapist letter #2 has arrived at surgeon's office
  • Verify full payment has arrived at surgeon's office
  • Verify travel arrangements
  • Make arrangements for pets, housesitting, mail/paper hold
  • Send itinerary to friends

Three weeks before surgery

  • Stop hormones, aspirin, specific drugs, etc.

Two weeks before surgery

  • Get items on shopping list

One week before surgery

  • Complete genital electrolysis
  • Have final facial electrolysis as close to leaving as possible

Day before leaving

  • Pack

Day before surgery

  • Begin dietary restrictions
  • Drink water
  • Pre-surgical consultation
  • Fill prescriptions
  • Use bowel prep


For more details on planning your transition, please see my page on customizing a transition timetable.

My presurgical and surgical timeline

1995 through 1997 (T minus 3 years)
Researched surgery, met patients and read surgical accounts. Made a plan and prepared for going full-time. See my detailed timetable.
February 1, 1998 (T minus 4.5 months)
Went full-time.
February 8, 1998 (T minus 4.25 months)
First contacted Meltzer's office. Scheduled for March 30, 1999.
March 15, 1998 (T minus 3 months)
Sent in surgery deposit.
March 30, 1998 (T minus 2.5 months)
Secured first surgery letter.
April 10, 1998 (T minus 10 weeks)
Secured second surgery letter.
April 13, 1998 (T minus 9.5 weeks)
Flew to Portland for consultation. I said I could pay in entirety that day if it would move up my date.
April 20, 1998 (T minus 8.5 weeks)
Meltzer's office called with a choice of several dates in January 1999.
April 27, 1998 (T minus 7.5 weeks)
Meltzer's office called with a choice of several dates in September, 1998.
May 1, 1998 (T minus 7 weeks)
Meltzer's office called with a choice of several dates in June, 1998.
I chose June 16.
June 15, 1998 (T minus one day)
Presurgical consultation.
June 16, 1998
Vaginoplasty and augmentation.
June 18, 1998 (T plus 2 days)
I.V. and pneumatic stockings removed.
June 22, 1998 (T plus 6 days)
Sutures, drains, and packing out. Began dilation.
June 23, 1998 (T plus 7 days)
Catheter capped.
June 24, 1998 (T plus 8 days)
Catheter removed.
June 25, 1998 (T plus nine days)
Abdominal sutures removed. Released from hospital.
June 26, 1998 (T plus 10 days)
Traveled home.
June 30, 1998 (T plus 14 days)
Used largest dilator. Had orgasm (later, with effort).
July 7, 1998 (T plus 3 weeks
Bruising entirely subsided
July 13, 1998 (T plus 4 weeks)
Return to work after paid medical leave.
October 28, 1998 (T plus 4.5 months)
November 23, 1998 (T plus 5.5 months)
Return to work after paid medical leave and vacation.
January 1, 1999 (T plus 6.5 months)
Almost completely healed. Dilating slightly uncomfortable, but not difficult.