Vaginoplasty with Guillermo Mac Millan

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Address: 6 Norte 774 Viña del Mar, Chile

Phone: (56-32) 380-155




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Consumer experiences (most recent first)

From a reader in September 2004: Here's some info about a surgeon in Chile that you might want to consider listing in your SRS surgeon's list. His name is Guillermo Mac Millan. The reports say that Dr. Mac Millan has done over 250 SRS surgeries, so he is now quite experienced.

I received the pointer from a trans woman in Argentina. She says that many Argentine girls go over to Mac Millan in Chile because he is quite good and the cost is lower than to go outside South America (the surgery is illegal in Argentina).

Here is part of what she said:

"Doctor Guillermo Mac Millan in Valaparaiso in Van Buren Hospital make SRS for 7000 to 8000 dollars aprox.,...For me in Argentina this is very very expensive (3 pesos 1 dollar), but for my trans-sister maybe is a solution...."

I checked this out and found the following items about Mac Millan on the web: