Vaginoplasty with Eugene Schrang (retired)

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Address: 125 E. Forest Avenue Neenah, WI 54956 USA

Phone: (920) 725-6661

Fax: (920) 725-1925

Website: (note: graphic images)

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General pages:

LINK: Dr. Eugene Schrang: commercial site contains almost all of his printed Informational Packet. (note: graphic images)

LINK: Interview with Eugene Schrang, MD by Gianna E. Israel (2001)

LINK: Lynn Conway discusses Dr. Schrang and some corrective work she had done. (note: graphic images)

Related pages:

LINK: MTF electrolysis: Eugene Schrang's recommendations (1999)

Consumer experiences (most recent first)

LINK: The transsexual's guide to Neenah by Gwen Smith (2000)

LINK: A trip to the alter by Gwen Smith (2000)

LINK: Patti's journal by Patricia Moschell (1999)

LINK: Dr. Schrang's improved SRS procedure by Jennifer McCloud (1997) via Google Groups