Vaginoplasty with Donald Laub, Sr.

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Address: 1515 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA 94306-1000

Phone: (650) 327-7163




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According to

Co-founded Stranford University Gender Dysphoria Clinic with Psychiatrist Norman Fisk, M.D. in 1969.

Dr. Fisk is retired and Dr. Laub is semi-retired

Dr. Fisk coined the term "gender dysphoria"

First clinic to abandon "true" transsexual rerquirement for surgery or hormones

Uses sigmoid colon resection for vaginoplasty

Pioneered phalloplasty

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Consumer experiences (most recent first)

I needed corrective work of a very specialized nature. After being examined by several plastic surgeons, I was told that nothing could be done. The last doctor I saw recommended Dr. Donald R. Laub. Dr. Laub utilyzed such great ingenuity and creativity that the problem was successfuly resolved.
-- Joyce C Laguna Woods, CA (undated)