Orchiectomy with Robert Barham (retired)

A reader wrote to say that Dr. Barham has retired.

Contact information: (updated April 2006)

Address: The Oregon Clinic, Urology Division 5050 NE Hoyt St. Suite 514 Portland, OR 97213

Phone: (503) 215-2399 or (503) 238-8373 Answering service

Fax: (503) 215-2376

Website: http://www.orclinic.com/docs/rbarham.html

Email: [none]

Consumer experiences:

LINK: Detailed report one week after surgery by K (2004)

LINK: I'm back alive and well now with Update by JG (2004)

LINK: My orchiectomy with Dr. Barham: a sweet and sour tale! by R. Crosby (2003)

LINK: Pain During Orchiectomy: A Cautionary Tale by J (2002)

LINK: My Orchiectomy with Dr. Robert Barham in Portland, Oregon by Debra Kohlrust (2001)

LINK: The Big O day: my orchiectomy by Robyn Browning (2001)

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