Orchiectomy surgeons

Below are surgeons who currently perform orchiectomy or have performed them in the past for trans people.

Clink links in this sentence for treatment of prostate cancer and testicular cancer in non-trans patients.

Note: links below may contain graphic images.

Physicians performing the procedure

The physicians below have materials indicating that they have at one time performed orchiectomies specifically for women in our community. Some physicians who perform the procedure for the general population may be willing to perform orchiectomies for selected women in our community, though they may require a letter from a therapist or other documentation. See also the list of contact information on surgeons maintained by Sherry Joanne, which includes contact info and specifics on Thai surgeons.

Click on links to each surgeon to read consumer experiences.

= most active and/or prominent surgeons at this time

Marc Arnkoff Detroit, Michigan, USA

Jenelle Foote Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Christine McGinn Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA

Harold M. Reed Miami, Florida, USA

Timothy Terry Leicester, United Kingdom

Tuan Nguyen Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA

No longer active

Robert Barham Portland, Oregon, USA (retired)

Michael Brownstein San Francisco, California, USA (inactive)

Murray Kimmel Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA (retired)

Felix Spector Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA (inactive)

Consumer experiences with unnamed surgeons

Ruby's Journal: The orchiectomy chronicles (September 2003)

My orchidectomy by Ellen Rugowski, Wisconsin USA (2001) [original link: rarely works]

Jessi's orchiectomy experience by Jessi (2000)

http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/1183/orch.htm [no longer available, see archive.org]

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