Orchiectomy with Murray Kimmel (inactive)

2009 update from a reader:

Dr. Murray Kimmel is no longer practicing. His office was recently "closed permanently due to illness" according to a letter I got from a lawyer's office (in response to my regular request for hormones), so I guess his status should be changed to (inactive).

Dr. Murray H. Kimmel, M.D.

2301 Pennsylvania Avenue
(Parkway at 23rd Street)
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Office 215-563-0847
Fax 215-563-4881

Consumer reports:

LINK: Castration in Philadelphia with Dr. Murray Kimmel by Jennifer Bentley (2002)

LINK: My Orchiectomy Experience in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Brianne (2002)

LINK: Orchiectomy In Philadelphia with Dr. Murray Kimmel by Samantha (2006)

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