Orchiectomy with Jenelle Foote

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Midtown Urology & Midtown Urology Surgical Center
128 North Avenue, NE, Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone: 404.881.0966

Fax: 404.874.5902



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A reader wrote in May 2009

I just got an orchi from a doctor in Atlanta, the staff is great and very transfriendly. I just got the surgery today. I felt that this info might be of help to someone out there.

$1,705 was total cost plus $30 in meds after surgery

Dr. Foote
Midtown Urology & Midtown Urology Surgical Center
128 North Avenue, NE, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30308
404.881.0966 phone
404.874.5902 fax

I think this would be a great resource for people as I had a hard time finding someone would do such an operation for less then $3,000

Also some people have had trouble in my home state getting their gender marker changed, I don't know if its a passing issue, in my case the lady was blown away that I wasn't a natural born woman. But I used this letter that I typed up and got signed by my therapist and it worked for getting my DL changed but it didn't work for social security. I'm going to try social security again when I get my orchi letter in a few days.

Here is the text of that letter.

I have been asked to write a letter of summary for ___ ____ and her participation in treatment of GID. This condition requires that she present as female in all situations and carry the proper female identification according to the requirements mandated by the Standards of Care of the medical/psychiatric community.

Ms. _______ has no psychosis and is no danger to herself or anyone else. There are no alcohol or drug issues present. She has no history of any serious emotional or mental health issues which would prevent her from making sound rational decisions. She does not dress for entertainment or sexual reasons. Being able to present proper identification will allow ____ to assemble seamless into her female gender and changing the gender designation is necessary for her treatment. Carrying the wrong id marker can lead to confusing and difficult situations.

_____ has been in therapy for five years and has been living full time as medically required for over two years. _____ is under medical care with Dr. ___ _____ and has undergone irreversible and permanent gender therapy and cannot function as a male.

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