My orchiectomy with Dr. Barham... a sweet and sour tale!

by R. Crosby

I received this note in October 2003:

Having traveled to Portland from the Buffalo area I met with Dr. Barham the day before the procedure to discuss what I should expect.

He stated I would feel a slight tugging but otherwise no significant pain. Well, while I have no doubt that Dr. Barham believed this to be true it just didn't happen that way for me.

I felt absolutely everything other than the incision.

From the initial injections in the groin area to the removal of the testicles I felt excruciating pain that radiated up along the inside of my pelvis into my lower back. As the procedure progressed it became that 'kicked in the balls' feeling and this didn't diminish until shortly following the complete removal of the gonads.

While I was disappointed with this I was still glad to have gone to Dr. Barham because he and his staff were incredibly kind and respectful. I have no doubt that he is a skilled surgeon and he did apologize for what he described as uncommon discomfort.

I still highly recommend Dr. Barham and have no regrets having gone there, just be aware that wherever you go for this procedure where you are only given a local ... "you takes your chances" with the level of pain you may encounter, regardless of where you get the surgery done.