All FFS photos have been removed after my copyrighted content has been repeatedly used without authorization.

I strongly urge all transsexual women even remotely considering keeping their transition a private matter to avoid posting or emailing any photos whatsoever (especially before and after photos) online.

I also urge anyone wishing to share transition advice and experiences to do so via contributions to an established website under a pseudonym. This will help protect your privacy and anonymity, which can be very precious commodities for those in our community (especially early transitioners).

Publicly posting before and after photos has been one of my greatest regrets, despite the number of people it has helped to understand the importance of FFS in assimilation.

You will virtually eliminate your chances of being stealth by having photos floating around, especially with your name or email connected to the photos.

For more on this, and some horror stories from other transsexual women who have had their privacy compromised by the internet, please see my section on internet safety.