FFS with Dr. Chettawut (2006)


I have had the best experiences with both, Dr.Preecha and Dr.Chettawut / Bangkok for FFS. I also got one of the best proposals ever for FFS from Dr. Suporn (unfortunately his price was a bit too high for me to afford) who has an amazing track record to be seen on his website.

FFS (see pic enclosed) with Dr.Chettawut: almost no swelling after surgery, perfect result at approximately half of what Dr.Suporn had quoted. Dr.Suporn threw in tons of extras to be fair and his team's suggestions easly fill up a few A4 pages, but  I am on a budget.

For anybody who is looking for one of the top FFS surgeons in Thailand who is still very affordable Dr. Chettawut is my personal recommendation. I had my surgery at Piyavate Hospital / Bangkok, stayed there for 2 days and the service was first class.

For actual SRS, all doctors (Preecha/ Suporn/ Chettawut) are all top of the range.

Of course, individual results may vary, but from my experience Thailand allows for very affordable surgery. More importantly: this is a culture that creates the most beautiful transsexual people in the world. Most surgeons here have a great sense for proportions and a high track record.

There are cheaper ones around, but I would not trust any surgeon who claims to do a FFS for only 2000 US$. I met some of those too and they made - as I know now - horrible suggestions (like to make the incision for forehead bone shave on top of the head) that would have butchered me for sure.

All I can say is that I have the best experiences in Thailand.

The photograph enclosed is only as an encouragement for anybody going on this dfficult road.

I am still not "finished" but one thing at the time.

Be who you want to be - and be happy!

ffs chettawut

I also like to add that transition can be easier if done step-by-step.

So one may start off as a guy, then a more handsome guy (perhaps laser the beard, hair or chin-implant/ chin jawbone reshave etc., smaller procedures first!), then as a more androgynous guy (think Bowie, more model-type), and from there it is only a small step. Hair implants first as they take the longest to show good results.

Taking things step-by-step is more comfortable than trying too hard to be the perfect woman, although this is everybody's deepest wish. It also allows to grow more naturaly into a new social role.

People will make you compliments all the way ("you look younger every time I see you" etc.), transition at work is easier and more realistic. I am now 43 and just like to encourage everybody in a similar situation that surgery, suported by good diet and hormones etc. (plus positve thinking!) cand re-set your age at least a decade.

The problem with later transition is a bit like a girl that wakes up from a coma: here I am and I seem to have missed the best years.

What IS possible is to claim back at least a few years - just knowing that it is possible is an enormous relief, even when transitioning later in life.