Breast implant links and resources

I have a section on prosthetic breast forms for those who can't or won't pursue surgical options.

My section on financing transition has information on how to pay for breast augmentation.

FDA's breast implant information site has a lot of good, balanced information. To obtain a comprehensive offline packet of information on breast implant issues, request FDA's publication, "Breast Implants, An Information Update," by calling the agency's breast implant information line at 1-800-532-4440.

The commercial Breast Implant Information Site has a lot of good pro-implant information. Keep in mind that it's financed by surgeons. There are about 120 photographic examples submitted by visitors and surgeons if you want an idea of what results can look like. Keep in mind most of the women pictured probably have much smaller frames than you, so don't rely on their implant volume to be applicable to you.

A lot of transgender women are extremely interested in breasts, apparently. Anything I've put up on breasts ends up getting more hits than other topics in the same section. That would explain the mailing list below:

TSBreasts - A mailing list for transsexuals to discuss the various means in which we might enhance the presentation of our physical form, primarily the breasts. Topics include hormones, supplements, cosmetic and physical enhancement (makeup, breast pads and inserts, etc) and surgical or non-surgical procedures. Discussions about cosmetic plastic surgery are appropriate as long as they pertain to feminization or masculinization of the body. This list is predominantly MTF.

I have never looked at this list, so I cannot make any claims about the reliability or accuracy of posts to it.

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