Breast implants: choosing a surgeon

Consultation Checklist

Here are some questions to start a checklist for your first consultation checklist. Be sure to add your own as it is only a starting point . . .

  • What are your credentials? Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? How long have you been practicing plastic surgery?
  • How long have you done BA's, and how many?
  • Can you give me references of past clients?
  • May I see Photos of your work?
  • May I see the surgical suite? Or if in a hospital, see if you can tour.
  • How much is the surgery and does that include your fee, implants, anesthesia, hospital charges and follow up visits?
  • Explain the type of anesthesia that you will be using. Who will be administering it and what are his or her credentials?
  • How can I expect to feel after waking?
  • How are emergencies handled if problems occur?
  • I have heard that smooth implants move more freely and act more like the natural breast, is this true?
  • Can you achieve my size goal? If not please explain to me why not.
  • What about nipple size, is nipple reduction possible after surgery if I choose to do that?
  • I am currently taking _____________ (medication) Will there be any problems with the medication?
  • Will my medications interact with anything I will need to take during recovery?
  • How will implants effect existing stretch marks?
  • Do you have video of the surgery?
  • How do you determine how many cc's to use to achieve desired results?
  • How long does it take for the implants to soften and settle? In other words how long before what you see is what you get?
  • What will I need to buy for recovery, sports bra, ice packs, etc.
  • How long will I need help after surgery? How long before I can lift?
  • How long before I can drive?
  • How common is loss of feeling?
  • When is payment due, at pre-op visit? What is your policy if I chicken out? Refund?
  • Please explain capsular contracture to me and how common it is. How is it treated if it happens to me. Can it be avoided and, if so, how?
  • Do you recommend massage. How is it done, and why?
  • Explain to me the difference between smooth and textured implants.
  • Tell me the difference between round anatomical (tear drop) implants.
  • What is the warranty on the implants themselves. Will my surgery be covered given the methods you will be using?
  • What is rippling? Do you "overfill" or take other steps to avoid this?
  • What kind of pain medication will I be given to take at home?
  • How soon can we do surgery?

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