Breast implants: surgical checklists

This list is set up for those who are doing it as an outpatient procedure. If you are having it with SRS or face work, see my checklists for those sections.

At home

  • Clean the house, do the dishes, and laundry, and take out the garbage, etc.
  • Pay bills and do all your banking
  • Set up table close to you with your stuff - Rx's, remotes, phone, vitamins, tissue, books, magazines, water bottle, etc. Also plastic waste can near you in case you vomit.
  • Make up the couch with sheets, blankets and pillows plus a U-shaped pillow
  • Arrange for child and or pet care for several days (if applicable)
  • Make up the couch with sheets, blankets and pillows plus a U-shaped pillow
  • Make up the bed with fresh sheets and lots and lots of pillows.
  • Put toilet paper on the floor so you don't have to reach.

Nutrition and health

  • Go grocery shopping and pre-cook some foods to freeze for easy microwaving, such as soup.
  • Have some simple foods ready to eat like crackers, soup, jello, canned health drinks in case you can't eat
  • Get a bag of frozen peas or ice bag for swelling and a heating pad for a sore back
  • Put dry foods on counter and refrigerated foods at lower levels
  • Get Rx's filled and get Tylenol PM (if OK w/ps), gauze for dressing changes
  • Have your vitamins and Rx's laid out to take (I put mine in pill cases)
  • Wash your hands a lot and gargle couple times a day to ward off colds and viruses prior to surgery
  • Lay out items you use in bathroom, like mouth wash, toothpaste & brush, hair brush, contact lens stuff, makeup


  • Locate button down shirts and stretchy pull-on pants and put out for easy access
  • Get extra large jogging/sports bras - open in front. I also got soft pjs
  • Get a back scratcher. You will need it!


  • Recharge remote control batteries, cordless phone
  • Go to the video store for some 3 day movie rentals.

Day of surgery

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST- You must have someone take you to and bring you home from surgery AND take care of you for at least 48 hours!!
  • Fill your car with gas
  • Take some cold water to sip on the way back home.
  • Take to surgery - chapstick, glasses (no contacts), don't wear any makeup, hairspray, deodorant, powder - nothing on skin or hair take pain Rx and pillow for the ride home, wear warm socks or slippers for surgery, comfy shoes, list of any last minute questions. Take a nice long hot shower and wash your hair and shave everything before going. Where baggy, comfy clothes and top that buttons in front.
  • Take pillow for the ride home, coffee can or something with a lid for the ride home in case you get sick.
  • Wear warm socks or slippers for surgery, comfy shoes, sweatpants, zipper sweat shirt jacket
  • Make small list of any last minute questions.

Post-op Checklist

  • As with any surgery, always have someone with you for the first 48 hours.
  • To get up from the edge of the couch, get your butt to the edge, put your feet about 2-3 feet apart with your toes pointing out, bend your knees, try to keep a straight back and then stand up by straightening your knees (like a ballerina) Hold on to your boobs.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Don't fight the pain! You will tense up and make it worse. Just go with it.
  • Use visualization - relax and imagine them getting soft, dropping, healing quickly, looking beautiful.
  • Constantly tell yourself to relax - especially your shoulders.
  • Take your meds like the doctor ordered. You don't have to be in pain.
  • If you have to remove blood stained dried gauze pads (like from a lift), do it in the shower with luke warm water trickling on your breasts. They will work free on their own. Make sure you are allowed to shower before you do this!
  • Use triple antibiotic ointment with panty liners (works great instead of gauze) to cover your stitches.
  • Start to walk around a little as soon as possible and get some fresh air.
  • Eat if you get hungry (something simple like scrambled eggs or jello).
  • Get lots of rest - sleep if you are tired.
  • Listen to your body and don't overdo it.
  • If you are used to sleeping on your sides or stomach, you might find your couch is easier to sleep on since it gives you back support.
  • Put pillows under your arms for support (like a throne).
  • Have someone help you pull your pants or pj's up after going to the bathroom - pulling is tough and it is easier without underpants.
  • Use ice on the swelling and bruises 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off.
  • Have someone help you with showers especially to dry you off. And to help you get dressed.
  • Let people help you!

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