Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Gender Gulag: Voices of the Asylum


Kelley Winters continues her excellent series of articles that puts the “gender identity disorder” movement in context. She cites examples from Susan B. Anthony, Deidre McCloskey, Dylan Scholinski. Dr. Winters also discusses the treatment of Arianna Davis at the UCLA “gender clinic,” and the case of Jamie, a trans youth incarcerated in Chicago due to the influence of psychologist Martha MacDonald’s 1938 study “Criminally Aggressive Behavior in Passive-Effeminate Boys.”

Psychiatric incarceration and abuse of gender variant youth and adults has for generations been facilitated by diagnostic nomenclature that equates difference with disease: nonconformity to assigned birth-sex with mental disorder and sexual deviance. It is time for the American Psychiatric Association and other mental health organizations to repudiate the practice of gender-reparative therapies, as they have renounced reparative therapies for sexual orientation.  It is time for the APA and the mental health professions to extend an apology to all who have been imprisoned or traumatized in the course of these treatments.  In drafting the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, it is time for the APA to remove the classification of Transvestic Fetishism and revise that of Gender Identity Disorder to serve constructive rather than destructive purposes.  It is time for new diagnostic nomenclature consistent with the medical principle of “First, do no harm.”

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