Seeking 20-something trans woman for Gender Spectrum Conference panel


Zander Keig notes:

Seeking a 20 something year old trans female for Gender Spectrum Conference panel (July 14)
The theme of this years Gender Spectrum Family Conference is “Gender: Just One Piece of the Puzzle.”
Another piece of the puzzle, for trans* individuals, is employment. The Making it Work! panel, happening
on Sunday, July 14th, will feature 6-9 Bay Area trans* individuals with a variety of full time and part time
work experiences: freelance, corporate, nonprofit, government, healthcare and techie. We need one more
panelist to complete our panel. If you are planning on being at the conference and/or reside in the SF Bay
Area, and you’d like to be on the panel, please contact the panel coordinator, Zander Keig.

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Posted by Andrea James on 06/06 at 06:54 AM
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