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A reader recently sent this first-hand report of long term results from a colon graft vaginoplasty performed by Preecha Tiewtranon in 2004.

As a point of reference, two years prior to surgery I had an orchiectomy, which necessitated the colon transplant.

I wish the news were good, but it is not. I’ll use bullets to keep this brief in deference to your valuable time:
- Augmentation area is almost 100% numb.
- Augmentation surgical incision under arm is still scarred.
- Asked surgeon to several times before surgery to remove large (1") non-cancerous lump in breast during augmentation process; he agreed, but did not do so. When asked he replied “all women have lumpy breast.”
- Vaginal area is almost 100% numb. No stimulation is possible.
- “Goop” from colon segment flows on continual basis, requiring that I wear a pad 24/7. Also causes urinary tract infections on regular basis. Attempts to clean it often result in bleeding due to odd internal connection with colon segment.
- After surgery Dr. Preecha claimed he “gave me ‘G-spot’”. I have no sensation of it if it exists.
- Entrance to vagina still sore due to missing layers of skin that never healed.
- According to gynecologist, location/positioning of urethra is incorrect.
- There were non-surgical complications while in Thailand caused by morphine: bowels stopped functioning for almost three weeks. He refused to help.
- He told me (and his website claimed) that the remaining hairs in the genital area would be scraped away during surgery. That was not done. Electrology 2000 had not done a complete, proper job, and I was looking forward to Dr. Preecha taking care of the rest.

Note: a patient I met at his office who was in for augmentation informed me that two three months later she had SRS done by Dr. Preecha. I asked her if she had numbness; she told me “yes”.

I called Dr. Meltzer’s office this past Thursday to inquire as to the possibility of fixing the nerve problem, which is the most important to me emotionally right now, and is causing a lot of depression. I spoke with Linda, who said she’s worked with him since 1993; you likely recall her - she certainly recalls you. She asked me what Dr. Preecha’s post-operative report said regarding the nerve placement. I replied “post-operative report? The only thing I got was a receipt.” She asked if I could ask him for it, but I told her that all they ever said in his office - when they actually reply - is “yes, yes”, but they never follow up, even when you’re right there. I think it’s because the Thai people simply don’t understand and don’t want to seem rude; this response was almost universal with Thai people.

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Posted by Andrea James on 07/11 at 12:11 PM
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