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A reader notes:

You have an informative area about silicone injections on your site, listing the cons on why not to get pumped.  Well many girls were stupid and went ahead and did it anyway.  If I could suggest, adding more information for girls who got pumped and are dealing with issues due to silicone injections. 

Recently I have been looking for a doctor to remove the silicone I stupidly had pumped in my ass and hips.  I went to many doctors and they all said they couldn’t help me.  I even had one doctor laugh and rudely say “why would you do something so dumb, I don’t know what to tell you”; I left the office in tears.

Meanwhile my butt was hard, lumpy, with red blotches and was hot when you touched it.  I had a fever, and was sweating with the chills; it felt like I had the flu.  I was physically sick and in major pain, but I couldn’t find someone to help me.  It was so overwhelming I honestly wanted to die.

Long story short….I eventually found a doctor with experience to treat me.  I had a major infection in the area where the silicone was.  I treated the infection and was told if I let it go much longer the infection would have spread and made me very sick.  I still get reoccurring swelling.  I take a steroid to reduce the swelling when it occurs but it always comes back a few months later.  I am eventually going to have it removed and don’t care about scarring, my life and health are more important.

In doing my research to find a doctor for myself I found countless other girls who didn’t know where to turn.  There are so many girls out there with all kinds of problems from silicone injections.

I am emailing you to suggest that you have a link with doctors who will treat girls with issues due to silicone injections.  There is no such list on the internet.  I could help you build a list of doctors.  I could also help build a list of pumpers who have had bad results.  I went to one of the best around, Joann Layne; she was the supplier of silicone to the late Kelly Harper. 

Certain steroids will work to reduce the swelling.  I went to Dr. Norman Schulman in NYC here is a link to his website  He has removed silicone from many different people; he says my problems are minimal compared to what he has seen.  He doesn’t want to remove mine; he feels that in my case it can be treated with steroids.  If you need any other info or help building a section on medical professionals that treat silicone complications just let me know.  There is also another doctor I know of in Maryland; Dr. Samir Shureih here is a link to his website

Silicone injections: injuries, deaths, and disfigurements

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Posted by Andrea James on 07/01 at 09:18 PM
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