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A reader notes:

The Resource Center of Dallas and our program GEAR (Gender Education, Advocacy, and Resources) is a fully backed program of the Resource Center of Dallas and we have made some pretty significant strides this year, the top one for me being the creation of what we call “Transgender Health Night” a Transgender Wellness service which is held the third Thursday of every month.  This service allows people the opportunity to receive low cost health screening, lab work and meetings with a local doctor (Dr. Jamie Vasquez has graciously volunteered his time for this) if they have decided that they are ready to go down the hormonal route of transitioning or if they are in transition and need a low cost alternative for health screening.  When we first conceived of this we thought that we might two or three people a month that would be interested but in the 7 months since we started we have barley been able to keep up with the response to this service seeing one average ten people (some to get labs some to see the Dr.) and we are now looking at adding a second night during the month.

GEAR is also very active in the Dallas area doing diversity training, holding a monthly mixer the last Thursday of the month and many other services that are definitely needed for our community here in Dallas and, with the backing of the Resource Center of Dallas will be a program that will definitely be sticking around for some time.

People can also find out more at or by contacting us at

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Posted by Andrea James on 06/29 at 03:32 PM
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