Another transgender woman hoaxed by Denise Magner/Kiira Triea comes forward


In the wake of Denise Magner’s recent death, several more trans women have come forward with stories of how they were manipulated by her. I have dealt with a lot of scam artists and fraudsters in my work as a consumer activist, and Magner was one of the worst. She was embraced by people with similar ethical sensibilities as some sort of great truth-teller. I’ll have more to say on this next year, but for now, I will present these as the truth emerges:

Kiira played some role when i first peered out of the closet in the early 00s…i had not suspected she was perpetrating a hoax until much later when i was presented with clear and complete evidence that this woman, along with her many sock puppets, lied to me along with other people i consider dear. Kiira was the kind of silver-tongued liar who had a story that constantly changed as her life went on, and though i sympathize with what probably led her to do this, her choice to use sock puppets and her willingness to use other people led to her much-deserved undoing. Ms. Magner often advanced theories toxic to trans women, from intersex primacy to the most fervent transfundamentalism i’ve ever seen.

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Background on the hoax:

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Posted by Andrea James on 11/18 at 03:12 PM
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