Trans-Unity 2006 events

Negotiating Common Ground: A Strategy Session for 2006

Few communities are as vibrant as the Los Angeles trans community. Our community is full of diverse organizations that do amazing work to advance transgender people’s rights. Out of our community come artists, activists, religious leaders, academics, professionals, and sex workers. Ours is a community of passionate people, and we often disagree. And yet we make room for this disagreement because we understand the necessity of working together to improve all of our lives. It is in this context that a group of us have decided to plan a series of strategy planning sessions for 2006. We are inviting all organizations that services Trans-people as well as community members to come to the table to discuss our common agenda for 2006. This three part series will take place January 11th, 18th and 25th.

January 11th- The goal of the first session will be to create a common calendar of events for 2006. Too often, we create events that conflict with each other. This will be the opportunity to work out those conflicts, as well as learn more about other organizations’ events. NOTE: Please bring a list of tentative events for 2006,  as well as scheduled meeting times for you organization(i.e. board meetings, chat groups, support groups, community advisory boards etc.).  

January 18th - The second session will offer an opportunity to discuss political issues facing our community. Guest speaker Chris Daily from the Transgender Law Center will lead a discussion on health care access and a patient bill of rights for Trans-patients.   

January 25th - The third session will be a social event. We will have a much needed opportunity to spend time with folks in the community with whom we work and share common battles. (Get ready to party! Even community leaders have to have some fun)

Lastly, we acknowledge that these types of discussions have been difficult in the past. Bringing our community together is not a simple or quick process. But we believe these strategy sessions can be a powerful step in the right direction. Once again, please join us as we build strength in the Los Angeles transgender community.

What: Strategy Session for 2006
When: January 11th, 18th, 25th

Where: The Village at Ed Gould Plaza
1125 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA  90038

For information or to RSVP: contact Vicky Ortega:

Tel: (323) 860-7314