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"It is easy to be a bully on Usenet - all it takes is a computer, a modem, and an ugly being. Suddenly you are a hero in your own mind."

-- Willow Arune

Willow Arune is a notorious eccentric who posts primarily on USENET, because Arune has been kicked off almost every moderated online forum due to trolling and baiting. Checking the statistics for the USENET group alt.support.srs will show Arune (as pangarune@shaw.ca) among the top ten posters in any given month. Many of the posts will be cut and paste jobs from other publications (usually marked FYI), but the rest will be flames and trolls aimed at Arune's perceived enemies.

Despite claims to the contrary, Arune sends a steady stream of emails to me, including four on 2 June 2005 alone. Arune mentions me at least once a week on alt.support.srs and is clearly obsessed with me. In early 2005, Arune started a Yahoo group called "Survivors Support Group" about me (AJSSG):


This was a members-only clearinghouse of personal information about me, created by several people harassing and cyberstalking me. This incompetent decision by Arune led Yahoo to terminate all of Arune’s accounts, which subsequently led to the demise of another “support” group Arune used to publish various rants. Now that Arune is limited primarily to USENET, the attacks there have escalated, to the point that Arune is responsible for much of the content on that nearly defunct forum, long ago abandoned by most to the kooks.

Below are some selected emails to me during the time Arune was “leaving me alone.” Since no one is going to be interested in slogging through all these rants, I have put a short summary in front of each one.

Here's one where someone quotes this site and is equated with a murderer.

From: Willow Arune <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 17:40:41 -0800
To: Andrea <andrea@tsroadmap.com>
Subject: Fw: Bailey resigns!

There you go - one of your most avid readers...

Like the minister who preaches hatred of gays, and then says "I did nothing" when two of his congregation go out and murder one.  You bred Jenny and others like her...

Such a sweetie...


Here’s an excerpt from one citing Arune’s collaborator Kimberly Williams.

From: Willow Arune <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 17:26:21 -0800
To: autogynephiliasupport@yahoogroups.com, Muliebrety@yahoogroups.com
Cc: Andrea <andrea@tsroadmap.com>, cburns@plain-sense.co.uk, Kimberly Williams <bsoelectrolysis@cox.net>
Subject: Fw: False Statements

A new site contains a bit more concerning Ms. James.  One wonders how she supports all those web pages?  Go here:
(The University of Chicago has confirmed that it has never awarded a degree of Masters in English to Andrea James, by the way).  After she accused Mike Bailey of living too close to Boystown in Chicago, guess where she lived and partied???  You got it - next to Boystown.  Proof is found on her former web pages, easily available:  
Bankruptcy court records might show how AJ "paid" for her Full Facial Surgery.  Not included in her helpful hints.  If indeed her family is rich, they most certainly did not assist in that aspect of her life.  A soon to be breaking story, in the mode of James/Conway...
Loathing is a mild word.  James has attacked others in the same fashion.  Unhappily, as with her vaulted "Masters in English" few think to challenge her assertions.  

Arune’s incompetence has led Arune to believe I do not have a Master’s Degree in English from University of Chicago, which can be easily confirmed by following the instructions at the Registrar’s Office. Arune emailed two department secretaries who do not keep official records, and in Arune’s incompetent mind, that constitutes proof.

From: Willow Arune <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 17:37:21 -0800
To: Andrea <andrea@tsroadmap.com>
Subject: Web Changes

Ah yes, Andrea,

The modifications to your web site have been brought to my attention.

Strange.  The University of Chicago has no record of you, at least for a Masters in English.  Not the English Department, nor Graduate Studies, and not the Registrar.  At this point, as the saying goes, the onus moves to you.  Would you care to provide particulars??  I can, of course, easily provide copies of e-mails from the University.

As to Kimberly Williams, I fear you have hurt a great many over the years with your standard tactics of ducking behind the web site.  Kimberly is definitely not alone.  Even I was astounded at the number of those who do not like you at all.  Your recent effort to demean the Transkids was a farce.  Placing Christine Burns in the position of having to issue an apology and retraction on the eve of her award from the Queen was a callous thing to do.  

The bankruptcy?  An innovative way to pay for FFS, I agree.  One more step and that public record shall be available, and I fear some might wish to publish it on a web site given what you have done to them.  Not me, mind.

This is rather silly.  As is normal with things of this nature, no doubt certain matters will surface when you least wish them to do so.  While I cannot claim the number of investigators you seem to have, there are not that many US states and areas north of Chicago where mobile homes, especially converted buses, are not that common.  It is not the numbers that are important, but more the placement - one clerk in a government office is better than fifty amateurs lurking in bushes.



From: Willow Arune <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 18:42:01 -0800
To: Andrea <andrea@tsroadmap.com>
Subject: Tsk, Tsk...

Gee, Andrea - you do write the strangest things on your web page...
If there were an award for inaccurate reporting, I am sure you would make the finals.  
As to the University of Chicago, the *fact* remains that I have three posts from them, each of which officially denies that you ever obtained a Masters in English.  As you asked me on Dec. 24, 2003, will you affirm or deny that you have the degree you have claimed?  This is much easier than similar question post to me.  I do so hope you, as a good alumni, donated funds to Chicago.  I would love to think that some of the monies they are paying me came from you.  Stay tuned - oh, so sorry.  You are not on the new list are you?  So sad.
In the meantime, please remember that Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville were followed by Gettysburg.  One small victory, even two, do not a war win.
You see, honey, the world has passed you by - perhaps me too for that matter.  Save for the Internet, and even major portions of that, nobody cares.  Sycophants you may have, but step outside that circle and nobody knows or cares about transexuality or autogynephilia.  Many, probably most, have not even hear of you, me or the term itself.  The great last campaign for civil rights you claimed to represent is a group of huddled silly types gathered around a dwindling fire in the cold.  You had your fifteen minutes; that time has passed.
Have a great day and if you have some time, read either of Colette Chiland's books.  Not all of the world is as caught up "professional transsexuality" as you are.  Some sanity remains.
Until we meet again, I shall take great delight in imagining all the truly stealth types wearing your tee-shirts and using your mugs at work.  And some thought wearing a TS Menace Tee was bad!!!  

This one is my favorite. Arune writes to tell me Arune is not thinking about me.

From: Willow Arune <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 20:01:00 -0700
To: Lisanne <lisanne001@verizon.net>
Cc: Andrea <andrea@tsroadmap.com>
Subject: It is...

I realized today that I have not thought or spoken or written the name Andrea James for days, weeks even...
Who says you have to die before you go to heaven???

This one is to remind me of my irrelevance, and to let me know Arune has decided "enough is enough" and will no longer be involved in any of this.

From: Willow Arune <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 19:08:22 -0700
To: Andrea James <andrea@tsroadmap.com>
Subject: Fw: I Want What I Want

Time to crow, honey.  You pages on me are totally irrelevant, part of history.

The new freedom is wonderful.  Keep on with the professional transsexual route - it suits you.  Others have better things to do.


----- Original Message -----
From: Willow Arune <mailto:pangarune@shaw.ca>  
Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2005 7:05 PM
Subject: Re: I Want What I Want

Hi Rosie,

It was fun to collect - and read - the books that frame our history.  Given the nature of TS people, what I got most was insults - Andréa James determined I was hoarding or worse, and most simply did not care.

It got so bad that one night, I looked and the collection and said enough is enough.  I kept the Brown and a few early ones, but most are now at the University if Chicago and I am happily doing more renovations to my home.  

I have retreated.  No TS meetings, no TS internet, no TS counselling.   Being up north in Canada, there is not any interaction save former clients and now a few of us are friends.  No more reviews of books and such either.  Simply, the bad of dealing with other TS was too great.  Too many are, at best, dysfunctional and delusional.  A few are downright dangerous and others are simply evil - Andrea James I put in that category.

Fine.  Others can follow like little sheep, telling themselves that myths are true.  One cannot create a fiction, unsupported by anything really and demand all others in society follow it.  Perhaps the best view is that of Dr. Colette Chiland, and two of her books have been translated and are available in the US.

Coddled.  Those private types who "help" are - I am convinced - in it for the money.  That includes surgeons.  The university approach demanded by Stoller was indeed the best - now we have paid types advising those who want to get what they want.  Bah!  

Anyway, good luck with all.  Best advise - avoid other tS like the plague...


Of course, Arune was back to "leaving me alone" five days later.

From: Willow Arune <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 08:14:07 -0700
To: Andrea James <andrea@tsroadmap.com>
Subject: Ah Yes, Your Site

A friend brought the recent changes to your web pages to my attention.

Silly and stupid, as always.  I seem to be your boogieman, hiding in hallways ands under beds to do battle.  In fact, as you well know, I have withdrawn from the lists (used in an historic context) and no longer care - with one exception.

As you well know, your site is both insulting and libellous.  At this point, there is no reason to proceed with legal action as that would result in costs but no recovery - you have no assets to speak of as we all know.  Thus, I continue to request that you delete the libel immediately and reserve the right to proceed with legal action if and when I elect so to do.

Of course, each time you add to the defamation, you extend the time for filing, which suits me just fine.

Your pawn almost lost her job and certainly has been effectively muzzled but that was no doubt your plan when you egged her on.  As to Christine Burns, you lies got her in trouble at the worst possible moment yet you continue with those lies as well, I note.  You hurt the Transkids merely to hurt - the mark of a psychopath.  And you did that from cover, the mark of a coward.  

You truly are the ugliest being I have met in this lifetime.  A soul so retched that you simply love to add lies after lie even after the supposed foe is no longer on the field.

No doubt this response pleases you, in your own sick way.  From my viewpoint, I have moved on.  You remain as you were - a professional, but flawed, transsexual.

Willow Arune    


I got half a dozen emails from Arune in a 24-hour period in early June 2005. These two give the flavor.

From: Pangarune Corner <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 18:23:39 -0700
To: andrea@tsroadmap.com
Subject: Fw: An Observation about Will Orobko

You should be soooooo happy.  Why, having a surrogate like Diane is only bettered by having both Diane and Jenny Usher.

You must be so proud.  Quoted so often by your peers - and they are indeed *your* peers.  Every time one of your idiots quotes your lies it reflects on your personality.


From: Pangarune Corner <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 20:20:32 -0700
To: andrea@tsroadmap.com
Subject: Fw: alt.support.will.orobko

You see, your followers are so loyal...

I really think you should contact Diane and give her a medal - she is using your material just as you wanted it to be done...


Here's a long one about Arune's most recent paramour. Not sure why I got this one.

From: Willow Arune <pangarune@shaw.ca>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 19:42:06 -0700
To: Andrea James <andrea@tsroadmap.com>
Subject: Re: Will Orobko is a very fat man

Sonia, cur was married in Singapore, separated, came to Canada and served as a registered nurse for many years.  She was disabled due to back problems. During that time, she raise four daughters, without any financial assistance from hubby, of whom three are now registered nurses, two with advanced degrees, and one computer whiz who after university has gained a top job with a stock brokerage firm.  For her work during the initial AIDS crisis, she is regarded as almost a saint by the Vancouver Gay community; She was with over 50 of those who died, who otherwise would have died alone.  In one one case, the fellow was denied medicine due to our former premier.  Sonia married him solely to get him medical coverage.  He was one of those that died.

You are not fit to even grovel at her feet.  As expected, you place total emphasis on appearance, and none on soul and spirit.  That is why you are such a callow thing - and thing is one good word to describe you. As with your mentor, Andrea, you attack not the ideas, but the person of those who do not share your opinions.  As Andrea attacked Bailey's children, you attack Sonia.  Thankfully, I did not expect you had reached as low as you could.

Heaven knows there are enough types here to follow your way. No matter.  Your mentor, dear Andrea, is a self-confessed AG, and in her own words even worse.   I can think of no two people who deserve each other as much as you and she.  In fact, I shall copy her with this post to show how well you imitate her style.  As with her, you are not doubt an AG too - not that such is a problem, mind.

Disgust is a mild word to describe you.  Attacking one who is so good that she would even take you in off the streets on a cold night. As has already been pointed out, you have laid claim to all sorts of deeds of derring- do, money beyond wealth, and more.  In fact, you are but a trembling leaf - a thing.  Not male or female, a THING.  Henderson and the lower ranks of the Air Force deserve you.


This flurry came about after I demanded a retraction from a student newspaper after Arune once again claimed I have filed bankruptcy.

From: Willow Arune <arune1529@shaw.ca>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:47:58 -0700
To: Andrea James <andrea@tsroadmap.com>
Subject: NW

Would you like an Address for Service???  As I assume you would be suing in Canada, please note I shall require Security for Costs.

Would you like the quotes for the definition of "professional transsexual"??

Perhaps Deirdre McCloskey can join you?  I am sure her family members would be still willing to testify.

Willow Arune

From: Willow Arune <arune1529@shaw.ca>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 10:11:10 -0700
To: Andrea James <andrea@tsroadmap.com>
Subject: Fun and Games

You seem to have far too much time on your hands these days.  Not enough to do as a big "Hollywood Producer"?

Now, I did offer you an Address for Service.  Certainly if you wished to start a legal action, I am delighted to respond.  I think your site has enough nasty material on myself and others (the Transkids, Lisanne Anderson and more) to present some interesting law.  But then, suing you does not do much good, does it?  Not unless you have full access to Lynn's Star Wars contract funds.

When will you wake up to realize that you are fighting a war in which no one has any interest?  The new crop of transsexuals could care less about any theory or concept and most do not recognizes the names of Blanchard, James, Conway or any of the other participants - and could care less.

You are certainly amusing in a childish sort of way; you are certainly a nuisance in far too many ways.  Try a job that better occupies your time and energy - that would be my suggestion.  Being a professional transsexual is not that rewarding - soliciting donations and selling mousepads and such.

Willow Arune        


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