Ray Blanchard motivations: notes and further reading

First published 2 November 2009. In this section:

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Blanchard, Ray (22 October 2009) [via Maxine Petersen]. Response to “$325,000+ in salaries for Zucker & Blanchard to pathologize trans people.”

Thank you for calling my attention to the misleading information posted on the Internet by Andrea James.

My 2008 salary included a one-time buyout for unused vacation time (I had about six months' worth of it) and does not reflect my annual base income.

At the time of the Vietnam war, I had an unusual exemption. According to my draft card (which I still have) it was a 4-A. This exempted me from the draft, in peacetime, as the sole surviving male heir of a serviceman killed in a foreign war. The US Congress never declared war on Vietnam, so it was technically peace time for the purposes of this draft law (or policy, whatever it was). My father, Ray Milton Blanchard Jr, a sailor in the US Navy, was lost at sea on 19 March 1945, in the bombing of the aircraft carrier, the USS Franklin. My mother was a few months pregnant with me at the time. I was the first, only, and posthumous child of Ray Jr.

In brief, I did not come to Canada to escape the draft. I had no incentive to do so.


[editor’s note: this base salary is only one of Blanchard’s revenue streams.]

Carlson, Tucker (8 March 1999), "The Hall of Lame", Forbes Magazine.

As most of those listed in the book know, entries in Who's Who are mostly self-reported and largely unchecked, making it the ideal place to tidy up an uneven educational or work history… Indeed, the first clue that Who's Who is a vanity publication is the "Thoughts on My Life" feature that appears beneath some entries.

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The psychiatrists had several choices of phraseology if they considered homosexuality a personality disorder or the expression of another kind of personality disorder. They could term a person a “psychopath,” “schizophrenic,” “normally imbalanced,” “weak psychological origins,” “arrested aggressive,” “purposefully immoral,” “containing a neurosis” or maybe “another natural human trait” which psychiatrists knew would not be acceptable to military standards. All categories were considered by the military to classify the person as “4 F”, undesirable for military service. Habitual criminals were also considered “4 F”.

In WWII, there were 2400 Army doctors and 700 Navy doctors who served as psychiatrists, many inadequately trained with poorly trained back-up personnel. Their policy was to discharge, court-martial, or reassign suspected homosexuals.

Military intelligence officers interrogated suspected military men for the names of  other gay military and places the homosexuals met. Many innocents were arrested and imprisoned. Congress passed the May Act in 1941 giving the military the power to arrest and close businesses, and it was used against gays and their meeting places. Imprisonment gave way to military discharges for “4 F”, unfit for military service.

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“I left Los Angeles in 1964 to avoid the Vietnam War by going to NIMH.”

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Inquirer staff report (December 29, 1992). South Jersey Deaths: Anthony Ruggero. Philadelphia Inquirer

ANTHONY RUGGERO, 75, of Hammonton, died Sunday at home.

Mr. Ruggero was a former lieutenant with Hammonton Volunteer Fire Co. 1 and a lifelong resident of Hammonton. He was a World War II Navy veteran and a member of American Legion Post 186, Hammonton.

Survivors: his wife, Angelina; three sons, Ray Blanchard of Toronto, Jim of Haddonfield and Bill of Monmouth Junction; two grandchildren, and a sister, Marie Stretch of Ocean City.

Services: friends may call, 11 to 11:45 a.m. today, Marinella Funeral Home, 102 N. Third St., Hammonton; Mass, noon today, St. Martin de Porres Church, South Egg Harbor Road, Hammonton; entombment, Greenmount Cemetery, Hammonton.

James, Andrea (2007). Plethysmograph: A disputed device. Transsexual Road Map.


James, Andrea (2009). $325,000+ in salaries for Zucker & Blanchard to pathologize trans people. Transsexual Road Map


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Ken Zucker, a member of the SIPC*, was reported in the student newspaper the Daily Egyptian as conducting mock trials. At least one person was found "guilty" of "all the war crimes he committed against the Vietnamese," according to Zucker. Student body Vice President Rich Wallace later introduced Zucker at a Board meeting, where Zucker read a list of demands which called for immediate withdrawal from Vietnam first and foremost. On Wednesday, January 21, 1970, the Student Senate passed what was reported by the Dally Egyptian as a "hastily drawn" resolution supporting the SIPC.

*Southern Illinois Peace Committee, founded by Bill Moffett in 1967 as an anti-war splinter group of Students for a Democratic Society.

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Lawrence, Anne (1996). Taking Portlandia’s hand.

http://www.annelawrence. com/twr/portlandia.html [deleted by Lawrence]

Lawrence, Anne (2008). Shame and Narcissistic Rage in autogynephilic transsexualism. Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 37, Number 3 / June, 2008.

When John Bancroft, the head of the Kinsey Institute, criticized Blanchard crony J. Michael Bailey for marketing a lurid book as “science,” Lawrence leapt to Bailey’s defense online:

"Bancroft's remark was followed by utter silence in the room, as though no one could believe that anyone would say something so tactless. It was as though Bancroft had stood up and loudly farted -- people looked at each other in embarrassment for him. "

Lawrence, Anne (August 23, 2004). Bancroft's "not science" comment.

According to another attention-craving eccentric who defends Blanchard, Lawrence is the source of false rumors that the author of this profile declared bankruptcy. I’ll have additional examples of Lawrence’s rage in an upcoming profile.

Marquis Who’s Who, Inc. (1984) Blanchard, Ray. Who's Who in Frontier Science & Technology , p. 66. ISBN 083795701X

BLANCHARD, RAY MILTON, psychiatry institute research psychologist; b. Hammonton, N.J., Oct. 9, 1945; s. Ray Milton and Angelina (Celi) Ruggero. A.B., U. Pa., 1967; M.A., h4U. Ill.-Urbana, 1970; Ph.D., 1973. Cert. psychologist Ont. Bd. Examiners. Psychologist Ont. Correctional Inst., Brampton, Can., 1976-80; research psychologist Gender Identity Clinic, Clarke Inst. Psychiatry, Toronto, Ont., 1980–. Killam fellow Dalhousie U., Halifax, N.S., Can., 1973. Mem. Internat. Acad. Sex Research, A, Psychol. Assn., Can. Psychol. Assn. Subspecialty: Gender identity disorders. Current work: Taxonomy of gender identity disorders; psychosocial adjustment of transsexuals; phallometric assessment of sexual anomalies. Home: 32 Shaftesbury Ave Toronto ON Canada M4T 1A1 Office: Gender Identity Clinic Clarke Inst Psychiatry 250 College St Toronto ON Canada M5T 1R8

Newbery, Lillian  (November 27, 1984). Trans-sexuals happier after operation, MD says. Toronto Star.

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Harry Stack Sullivan's failure to protect homosexual men from medical and social stigmatization by screening them out of the armed forces.

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USS Franklin (CV-13) (21 February 2008). Ship's Company Killed In Action.

Ray M. BLANCHARD, Jr. AM2C 19 March 1945

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