Editor's note: Because the average lifespan of a transition-themed website is about 5 years, links on this page are extremely selective. Only those sites that I feel make a major contribution to practical aspects of transition and have made a commitment to remaining available free and online have been included. In addition, each section of this site contains recommended links on that specific topic. These are the best general resources. Check my page on Organizations for additional general information and links.

As part of this site's focus on the unmet needs of younger trans people, I have rearranged these resources in approximate order of usefulness and inspiration for those who are transitioning early in life.

Lynn Conway (lynnconway.com)

Professor Conway is an internationally famous pioneer in computing. She is also a pioneer in our community, having transitioned in 1967, at a time when bigotry and hatred towards our community was far worse than it is today. Lynn was stealth for over 30 years, but was then outed when important computer work she did prior to transition was uncovered. She then chose to go ahead and be open about her past. Not only has she compiled some excellent detailed information on matters of transition, she also has the wisdom of being post-transition for decades. I feel Lynn's site is the best place to start and to get your bearings. It's a very positive overview of the issues you'll face and the questions you may have. Be sure to check the Trans News Updates for recent news about trans issues. Lynn has added a wonderful section on successful community role models, too! This excellent contribution is a much-needed counterpoint to the stereotypes of us usually portrayed in the media. It's proof that many of us go on to accomplish great things after transition, and that we can and do succeed in every trade and profession-- you name it!

GenderPsychology (genderpsychology.org)

Madeline has put together some nice material from her perspective as a psychology professor.

Rebecca Anne Allison, M.D. (drbecky.com)

I consider Becky one of the most conscientious voices in the community. She is a physician who has given generously of her time and wisdom to provide excellent medical information on the following topics:

A list of TG -recommended Facial Plastic Surgeons
Facial Feminization Surgery- her contribution to a piece on this.
Primum Non Nocere: A Physician-Patient Perspective
Research Versus Assumption: Adapting the Standards of Care
Progressive Diameter Stents
Information by state on changing your birth certificate
A very thoughtful journal and writes extensively about spirituality

Anne Vitale, Ph.D. (avitale.com)

Anne is a gender specialist practicing in the San Francisco area. Her site has some especially good information on therapy from a professional's perspective. Below is a partial listing of articles, all of which I recommend.

T notes: 9 articles with good information on what it's like to start therapy with a gender specialist. Recommended:
- # 3. The First 12 Weeks of gender therapy.
- # 1. Dances with Therapists, or hard time getting to that first appointment.
- # 9. Relationships: The Bane and the Promise
- #2. What happens at The Intake Appointment?
- #6. Mid-Life Awakening.
Other recommended materials:
- Client/Therapist conflict
- Gender Dysphoria: Treatment Limits and Options
- Gender Transition in the Workplace: excellent advice echoing my own
- Preparing for Sex Reassignment Surgery
- Gender Dysphoria Program Guide Lines
- Living With A Rectovaginal Fistula: a wake-up call to possible SRS complications
Melanie Anne Phillips (heartcorps.com/journeys)
Melanie is a software developer for the entertainment industry, and an early online pioneer for our community. She had vaginoplasty in 1992 at age 39. Melanie was my personal role model for transition, the woman who made me realize that I could do this, so I owe her more than I could ever express. In 2006, she added a section of racy photos and some strong opinions about certain types of people who wish to transition, so be warned if you are easily offended. She has a searchable site with areas covering:
- Developing A Female Voice: valuable tips from someone who nailed it!
- Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex Change* (*but were afraid to ask)
- Melanie's Diary and others' personal stories of transition
- Products for the gender community
- Opinions, advice, essays, surveys, statistics, and how-to.
Trans-Health (trans-health.com)
Trans-Health is a volunteer-run website providing information on health and fitness for trans people. They cover several topics that do not get a lot of coverage, including fitness and training, aging, disability, and access to health services. All topics are written for a very inclusive and diverse audience.

Other helpful sites

Chloe Prince (pinkessence.com)

A great resource for connecting with other trans women.

Calpernia Addams (calpernia.com)

My friend and business partner Calpernia is a published author and working entertainer. She has put together a makeup tutorial called Becoming You: The Fast Track to Your Female Face. She also wrote the memoir Mark 947 has a diary lots of offbeat fun stuff, 'cause she's a freak like that.
The Antijen Pages (antijen.org)
Aunt Jenny's Antijen pages are a haven for young people to share experiences. Jen also takes many young women under her wing, and I think she may do this literally-- I suspect she is an actual angel!

Laura's Playground (lauras-playground.com/)

Information for a wide range of trans identities.

Melinda Green (superliminal.com/melinda/)
Her Passing Glances how-to guide is a concise overview of options.

Jennifer Reitz (transsexual.org)

Jennifer transitioned in 1982 at age 22 and has some very insightful observations about what it's like long after transition. Several of her essays are especially good, although I respectfully disagree with some of her information. I do not consider her gender test, especially the COGIATI, to be useful or accurate in determining important life choices. I think her transition cartoons are just wonderful, and be sure to check out her letters section.

Less active and archived sites

From Within (tsroadmap.com/early/from-within/index.htm)
What started in 2003 as an online book of a young woman's experiences blossomed into more than just a source of hope and inspiration. Vicky has some great advice on stealth, and inspirational essays beyond her own life story. Now hosted on this site.
The Looking Glass Society (looking-glass.greenend.org.uk)
Though it hasn't been updated in several years, this British support group has a nice selection of publications available at their site:
- Transsexualism: A Primer
- Transsexualism: A Medical Overview
- Transsexualism: Notes for Employers
- Feminine Voice Techniques
- Electrolysis in Transsexuals
- Personal experiences written by eight British women

Second Type Woman (secondtype.info/)

A revised version of The Birth of Venus. Has information for all ages of transitioners.This site has been unable to stay online, so just go to this archive. [archived]
Joanne Herman (joanneherman.com/)
Joanne is author of Transgender Explained for Those Who Are Not and has collected her excellent Transgender 101 articles in one place.

Amberspace (amberspace.net)

Created by a woman in her 20's who began transition in 1998. It blossomed into a great general site with a collection of first-rate information and advice. She tells it like it is in her blog, and doesn't shy away from talking about the difficult topics as well as the joys of transition. Highly recommended sections include the "tips" and "voice" sections. The site has had intermittent hosting issues and has been down as of 2012 for an upgrade. [archived]

GenderLife Information Exchange (genderlife.com/forum)

The positive, upbeat forum developed by Calpernia Addams, now spun off to the GenderLife website.

Gwen Smith (gwensmith.com)

Gwen began transition in 1992 at age 25. Gwen was already on America Online when I signed up way back in 1995. After her pioneering work on AOL building an online TG community, Gwen developed a number of sites before moving to other interests:
- Gender.org: An advocacy and activist site with resources by state.
- Remembering Our Dead: A memorial to the many victims of transphobic violence.
- Hit the W for Gwen's writings on gender issues, notably the excellent Transmissions series.

Anne Lawrence (annelawrence.com)

Dr. Lawrence is a former anesthesiologist who has made original contributions on two of the three so-called "triadic therapies," hormones and vaginoplasty. Resistance to the Bailey-Blanchard-Lawrence disease model of gender variance led to the site being gutted in 2008. It now primarily reflects Dr. Lawrence's focus on hormones, surgery, and depicting gender variance as a psychosexual pathology.

True Selves (trueselves.com)

Resources and Support For Gen X & Y Transistioners.
Beginning Life Forums (beginninglifeforums.com/)
This site has a supportive members-only forum and a good resource list, especially for FFS.
Sally's Resource Morsel (tsresource.info) [archive]
Sally had dramatic results from FFS, and she's been kind enough to share her experiences with this and other aspects of transition. Offline as of 2007.
Transgender Health Program (transhealth.vch.ca/)
A good collection of resource links from a Canadian organization.
Donna Rose (donnarose.com)
Donna has written a great autobiography called Wrapped in Blue, and she's got several excellent sections on her site devoted to topics like workplace transition. She also has a thoughtful essay collection.
Jessica McKinnon (jessicamckinnon.com)
Jessica has provided transition documents and information about her transition.
TSVoice (tsvoice.com)
A nice site with tips and examples on how to find and perfect your female voice. Includes a bulletin board for sharing tips. You can even send along your own voice! This site doesn't get updated often, but it's still a good resource.
The Gender Centre (gendercentre.org.au)
This Australian-based site has a wealth of good, reliable information, with a focus on local resources in Australia.
Mermaids (mermaidsuk.org.uk/)
A nice U.K.-based site with a focus on the needs of young people, though it isn't updated often.
TransGenderCare (transgendercare.com)
A site with a nice collection of materials on medical and psychological aspects of transgender health care. [archived]
International Journal of Transgenderism (symposion.com/ijt)
This scholarly periodical has some interesting pieces.
Diane Wilson (firelily.com/gender)
Diane works in the computer industry and maintains a good selective resource page:
- TG organization links and other resource links
- A great selection of editorials, position papers, newsgroups
- Resources covering crossdressing, androgyny, and intersex issues
- The majority of her site is about other aspects of her rich lif
Carla Antonelli (carlaantonelli.com)
Carla is a gorgeous Spanish singer and actress who began transition at age 17. Her personal site doesn't have a lot of information in English, but she has a nice collection of lovely photos that show a wide range of beautiful women who comprise our community throughout the world.
Gallery of Goddesses (rest in peace)
This admirer site has been on and off the web and now appears to be off indefinitely.My favorite part of his site is where he exposes dozens of fake TS sites online, now available on this site. These fake losers are beyond pathetic-- they can actually pose a risk to the youngest members of our community, by supplying transition information not based on actual experience. Some are simply attracted to transsexuals and trying to gain the trust of a young transsexual woman in hopes of living a fantasy through them, getting photos or even having sexual encounters. For more on the dangers of fake transsexuals, please see my section on online safety.

GenderTalk (gendertalk.com)

A weekly radio show featuring gender-related interviews that ran from 1997-2006.
Transgender forum list
Available on this site.