The Anne Who Would Be Queen: Incident activity report

Below is selected text and a scan of the adverse action reports outlining the 31 March 1997 incident which led anesthesiologist Anne Lawrence to resign from Swedish Health Services in Seattle.

The State of Washington Department of Health initiated an investigation through their Health Professions Quality Assurance Commission as case number 97-05-0042MD.

Lee Norman, M.D. was Swedish vice president in charge of medical affairs in 1997.

05-22-97 Call from Lee Norman. Lawrence resigned. Reason threat of adverse action. She plea bargained to stave off investigation. Unauthorized exam of pateint. [... edited* ...] The patient was not harmed. Question of moral turpitude.

* The online transcription which originally reported this incident claims the edited line was: "Respondent has been having bizarre behavior for a while."

Notes on documentation

These scans are the best available copy from Washington State's Health Professions Quality Assurance Commission. Areas in white appear to be emendations made in the dossier at the request of Anne Lawrence and/or her lawyers. These are indicated by [... bracketed ellipses...] in the transcripts. Areas in gray have been edited by me to protect certain aspects of Dr. Lawrence’s privacy, and are also indicated in the transcripts below. These documents have been transcribed verbatim, including any errors in the originals. Please contact me to report any inadvertent transcription errors.