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I am very pleased to announce that the "Internet Impostors" pages created by the owner of Gallery of Goddesses have been saved from oblivion!

This is part of my larger look at the issue of trans wannabes on the internet and issues of internet safety for young people.

I present the pages below without comment or editing. The only changes I have made from the originals is to add navigation links at the top and bottom.

Internet Imposters 7

A famous Australian personality once said : "Why are people so unkind ?"

You would have thought that after two years of my Internet Imposter pages
these fools would have cottoned on to the fact that this is not appropriate
behaviour, to misrepresent yourself on the internet like this!

"Lauri Severtson", of
Another blatant rip-off of a legit T-girl....
"Lauri" is using Tawny Babe's photos and claiming that they are of her

2005 update: another fake using the same photos:


If any or all of these are not the case, then someone prove it to me!
As Mulder says : "I want to believe"

The wannabes and fakes listed below have been added to the original materials collected by Gallery of Goddesses.

A reader sent the following in November 2003. In January 2004 I removed the photo by request of the victim and altered the reader's letter so the victim's name will not appear in search engines.

I have really appreciated your website for a long time and have used many of the items there in my own planning for transition. I was especially pleased to see the "internet fakes" section reappear after going away so long ago.

I believe I have discovered an attempt at fakery. I ran across Ms. B_ella D_utton, who has a profile on yahoo:

She says she is a transsexual woman.

Now, go check out this page, the website of The D_uttons of B_ranson, MO. It appears pretty blantant to me: and this page on the site:

It would appear that "B_ella D_utton" even took the name of a woman living in B_ranson. I ran across this as I was about to travel to Branson and was checking out the entertainment available there.

What do you think?

Yahoo! ID: b_elladutton
Real Name: B_ella D_utton
Nickname: B_ella
Location: Missouri
Age: 23
Marital Status: No Answer
Gender: Female
Occupation: Office Manager
More About Me
Hobbies: Scuba Diving, hiking, dancing the night away.
Latest News: I am a transsexual woman living full time. I would love to meet other people.

Not to beat this dead horse, but I thought I remembered something from one of the transgender wedding sites on Yahoo. Attached is a jpg put there by someone.

From Yahoo's shemaleweddingpix group:

[photo removed at request of victim]

This sort of thing is typical of wannabe losers. One sure-fire way to tell you are dealing with a fake is if they are posting on a site with a lot of sexual content or erotic interest in a specific topic like wedding dresses or other ritualized femininity.

2004 update: I received the following from the victim's husband and will be assisting them if they decide to pursue pressing identity theft charges against the perpetrator.

My name is J_onathan D_utton. I ran across your page at after doing a google search “b_ella d_utton transsexual.” My wife is B_ella and she is not a transsexual, but she did get an email from somebody that said that people on the internet where claiming she was a transsexual. I first of all would like to thank you for pointing out the fakery to people. I have email yahoo to get the user removed and her posts and submitted pictures removed as well.

What I would like to ask of you is to remove the picture you have posted at (file name b_elladutton.jpg). I will hopefully be able to get all pictures removed from the yahoo group site and I just don’t want anyone to take the picture posted on your site and copy it to another site. I know it wouldn’t be hard for someone to get a photo from my website and duplicate what has been done, but I don’t want to make it any easier for another person to duplicate the fakery.

By the way, my website is There you can find pictures of my family with real information about us and our kids (born and conceived through natural means).


young_hot_tg from Yahoo Chat aka Sara is actually a guy.  His real ID is lonely_nate2001 aka Nate Mounts.

Sorry for getting back to you so late.  I've known Nate since when MSN was free.  He then moved to Yahoo Chat when MSN is no longer free.  Nate is about the only person from chat that knows about my real name.  Then when I first met Sara in yahoo Chat, she addressed me by my real name.  Thus I knew it was Nate, pretending to be a TS.

You can put my name as Monique.

Update 19 May 2005: Nate is back with a new ID bubblez_girl01.  Profile is

Update 2 November 2005: The yahoo id that you have is not correct or should i say it is not the same one he uses............ his real yahoo id is

Update 3 November 2005: Just like to add that Nate/il_male01 seems to be masquerading as Tia Jones, or, claiming to be his own best mate.
I don't have hard evidence, but I'd bet my life savings on it!

In April 2006, Jill wrote to say that a pathetic asshole fake at this address:

was using her photo:

That's really Jill, but her site is at:

So watch out for hotbabybabygirl, the latest in a long line of wannabe losers.

In February 2008, a reader alerted me to another fake who stole her identity and uses her photos to promote his porn site.

I have this one guy that pretends to be me since 2001. His name is Ron or Rob Lyons and lives on El Molino street in Pasadena. We were dating at that time so we took some private pictures together. Little did I know he was using the pictures for another purpose. Not only does he use my pictures to promote is tg porn site , he pretends to be me so he can lure tg's to his place for a photoshoot and fools thousands of people chatting online. I get really upset and embarrassed when someone from a chat room asks me if I run that website. For a while, I was in hiding because of him. It really ruined my life.

He puts my name as June, but that isn't my name. He also claims that I am 23 yrs old student from UCLA studying in the medical field. Both are fabricated lies. His aim name is tgbeauties2

He also posted many 'June" profiles online (urna, yahoo groups, myspace, etc) to promote his porn site pretending to be me. I caught him on some, but not all.

tgbeauties fake

One of my friend, Wayne, organizer of Syren and previously Lodge, was one of the mods on this yahoo group, ( and caught him. here's what he posted
to the group:

From: "Wayne" <>
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 00:13:14 -0000
Subject: [California T-Girls] General info to the group...

I was recently informed that an individual that goes by the handle
of "tgbeauties" is a FRAUD! It seems like HE chose to steal the
identity of a friend of mine to use for his nefarious purposes, namely
to get people to join his website of the same name. I am banning him
from the group, and I encourage anyone who encounters this SHIT to
avoid him.

Group Co-owner

And here's another one reported on TS Dating.


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