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I am very pleased to announce that the "Internet Impostors" pages created by the owner of Gallery of Goddesses have been saved from oblivion!

This is part of my larger look at the issue of trans wannabes on the internet and issues of internet safety for young people.

I present the pages below without comment or editing. The only changes I have made from the originals is to add navigation links at the top and bottom.

Internet Imposters 5

Bugger! I can just see the title of the next Jerry Springer now....
"People who pretend they're beautiful transsexuals on the Internet!!"

Thanks to everyone so far who has e-mailed me about imposters and potential imposters
Your input is greatly appreciated!



"Matty", of WestHollywood/Heights/3385/ and
"Tera", of WestHollywood/Heights/5650/

OK, here's the deal. Matty, young 20s post-op lawyer from Kentucky in the USA
And Tera, a mid 20s recent post-op TS from Toronto in Canada
Both supposedly have never met each other and neither has
a link to the other from their pages....
Now somebody please tell me that the two photos above were not taken
(a) in exactly the same room, and
(b) with exactly the same conditions and camera equipment
I think what's happened here is that we have two separate imposters that
have ripped off two separate girls' pics from the same porno site....
Thanks to my good friends Natasha and Revana in Holland
who pointed this out to me. Thanks you two!

Now it seems that these pages are starting to get a few results....
Check out "Tera's" Guestbook, and scroll down until you reach
an entry dated the 21st of February, 2000 - it certainly does
make interesting reading!

"Rachel", formerly of Wellesley/7159/rachel.html
I should have realized this one before too......
Apart from the fact that the picture above is of the gorgeous supermodel Helena Christensen,
if you notice the basic URL, it's exactly the same as that other fake "Janina"
As "Rachel" pre-dated "Janina" by a several months, looks like this imposter had
a couple of goes to get his imposter right - which of course he didn't in either case....
Thanks to Billy the Dick who pointed Helena out to me

The New York Shemale website, of
One for the guys out there who insist on spending their money this way!!
Personally I wouldn't go near this website anyway, and given the shocking 'cut-and-paste'
quality of (part of) their main banner above, it seems to be another scam artist behind it all
A quick scan of their preview pages revealed more of the same....
So don't be ripped off guys, this is one site you could do without!!
Thanks to Dave G for this information

Then, in January of the year 2000, well-known internet T* identity
Barbie Satin sent me the following. Now you tell me these imposters
don't harm others!!

I want to thank you for your imposter section. I looked through the pages
and found many "girls" I had suspected in the past. I used to work in NYC
as a TS dominatrix and escort. I was very pleased to see that you included
the girls of The owner of that site is a TS named Iman.
She takes out several pages of photo ads in Screw each week. The photos
are all of genetic females with huge cocks added in photo shop.
The ads run for a few weeks and then she changes them all and
posts new phone numbers. When the client arrives the girl in the ad
is always on an outcall or not there that day but he gets his choice
of whatever is working for Iman at the moment. Bait and switch!

Iman would purchase huge blocks of ad space that the individual girls
could never afford. Before Iman started running her fakes I would do up
to 40 sessions a week. That dropped to 4 after the fakes showed up.
This person has destroyed a lot of real TS girls in NYC.
Thank you for exposing her.

Barbie Satin


"Seiko Rubberella", of WestHollywood/Heights/2343/
This is some pretty serious stuff going on here....
The pic on the left is an alteration of this model's pic at the Tight Skirts Page,
whilst the pic on the right is a 'paste Seiko's face over Michelle Tozer's body' job.....
And I also reckon I saw one of Vivi's pics in there altered as well!!
A good look though "Seiko's" website gave me the impression
that she is fairly skilled in the use of some type of Photoshop program....
Thanks to Kari Moore for pointing this out to me

"Rabea", formerly of WestHollywood/Stonewall/3429/
Here's another imposter skilled in the use of photo manipulation!
As you can see from the montage photo above, "Rabea" from Germany
has used the stunning model Kelly's picture and altered it none
too subtly with her face and hair being stuck on Kelly's body.
Look closely.... Same desk, same room, same lighting, same clothes,
same accessories, same riding crop - same model with a different head...
Thanks to Gerrie Lamare who pointed this out to me and
made up the montage pic above comparing Kelly and Rabea

And thanks to fellow worshipper Les for sending me the orginal
photo of Kelly in March 2000 - as you can see, there is
absolutely no doubt about it!!

God-dammit!!! Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
(Translation : More fakes here)


If any or all of these are not the case, then someone prove it to me!
As Mulder says : "I want to believe"


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