Gene Expression: more elitism and eugenics

Gene Expression is linked on the Steve Sailer website. Sailer is a conservative who runs a eugenics think tank called the Human Biodiversity Institute. This group has been instrumental in the promotion and dissemination of, among other things, academic racism, sexism, and heterosexism under a facade of science. As sociologists have noted (Mackenzie et al), eugenics is an ideology associated with the emergence of the professional middle class that stakes its claim to expertise on science.

Although all of these ways of thinking need to be challenged, this investigation only covers people connected with Steve Sailer who are involved with J. Michael Bailey's book The Man Who Would Be Queen. This instant classic of transphobia has been the subject of intensive investigations since its publication. Eventually, every avenue leads us to eugenics.

Which brings us to these two. Newamul K. Khan (Razib) and "Godless" run a blog where they display their quaint bourgeois sensibilities about science and genetics and what-not. Their connection to this debate on gender variance is tangential, and I hope this page describes both the start and the end of it.

Until he reads this page, "Godless" has been laboring under the delusion he is anonymous on his little Gene Expression website. One of my research assistants took a break from getting the scoop on J. Michael Bailey to do a quick topline on "Godless." If it were only so easy to disabuse him of his ideological delusions.

Anyway, "Godless" decided to take a swipe at world-renowned electrical engineering Professor Lynn Conway for investigating this eugenics think tank, by saying "'she' is a 'he'" and making fun of her appearance. One of my research assistants captured Google's archive of a 26 October 2003 entry by "Godless" before he thought better of it and pulled it.

Though this is a minor footnote in all this, those who are extremely thorough can read about Godless here.