The information below was researched and written by a reader. For the original location of this material, please see:


This site analyzes the credibility of the "true" life story of "Nancy" as described on the website, a site that has achieved significant visibility in the transgender community. In the absence of any firm evidence that Nancy exists or an admission from the webmaster that the story is a hoax, this analysis exists to present evidence that the story of Nancy as related through is a hoax. The evidence includes photographic analysis, fact-checking of statements made on the website, and analysis of the webmaster's internet activities. Note that during October 2006 the site quietly went offline. Those interested in viewing older versions of the website may find copies archived at

The analysis reveals doctored photos, website statements that are inconsistent with the technical facts of photos, and related evidence involving the site owner's plagiarism and history of deception as reported by others. The preponderance of evidence brings this author to the conclusion that the story is a skillfully crafted work of fiction and, by implication, the services sold on the website are done so under a false pretense.

In summary:

  • Kevin Garvey is (was) the owner of record for
  • Numerous photos are analyzed and show incontrovertible evidence of fakery. In addition, he directly admits the existence of fake content in a letter below. He maintains that he was directed by Nancy to create and post the fake photos.
  • The credibility of is indirectly assessed by evaluating other activities Kevin Garvey is involved in. This analysis uncovered independent evidence of unsatisfactory business deals and plagiarism.
  • Ongoing debate with Kevin Garvey shows his willingness to make claims about 3rd parties that are false based on independent statements received from the 3rd parties by this author.

Based on this evidence, this author concludes that the story of Nancy as related on is false.

This analysis is being officially closed and this author relinquishes all claims to original content created on this website.

November 4, 2006: Update

Kevin Garvey sent a letter which claims that Nancy has died and asks that this analysis site be taken down to protect her family and his economic well-being. It also claims that all his copyright-related actions have been legal. He finally makes the significant admission that the boy2woman pictures involve fakery although the blame is shifted to someone who, if we are to believe his story, is dead and unable to defend herself or confirm his claims. His letter is reproduced and analyzed below.

From: "KG Enterprises" <>
Subject: re: Removal of personal content
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 02:16:01 -0400


The person referred to as "Nancy" on the boy2woman website died of complications from lyphoma on October 11. I don't wish her family to come across any of the material you post regarding the website. They never knew. I am deeply saddended by this unfortunate and extremely unfair death by some at such a young age - 32. I loved her deeply when we were together so please remove this website which bears her name and likeness as soon as possible. My part in the deception is clear as you have detailed, but her's was not. She did condone a lot of the material on the website and did condone it's fakery. She supplied a lot of the photographs to be used. It was not my sole doing. It was done purely for monetary gain for her, not vanity or fantasy by me as you have theorized. "Nancy" was a real person and I do not wish her memory to go this way. Please remove your site at least for her families sake.

Once again I will ask you to remove my personal busines information from your site in regards to harderfasterrocks and 664design. It could possibly hurt my ability to garner professional work and support my family. (Yes, I have one of those). The last thing I need is for my daughter or a possible client to one day stumble upon your website and read about me.

In light of the recent events, I have cancelled the hosting account for the boy2woman domain and will obviously not renew the name when it expires in December. So I ask you, humbly, to please remove this hoax website as it is in all respects irrelevent at this point. The boy2woman website will be taken down by week's end, if not sooner.



I must however correct you on two things. ALL of the web related articles posted on my old design site and vocal articles were reposted with permission of the copyright holders. That I did correctly and ethically. And I did contact Geocities legal department directly about your site and posting my personal content. They chose not to act within the specified time limit I gave them so I did not pursue it farther.

The story of the demise of Nancy, in the opinion of this author, appears to be an attempt to elicit some sympathy to build support for the subsequent request to remove this analysis. The story is unverifiable, but the generally proven fraudulent nature of boy2woman and other illogic within this letter makes this entire tale suspect. The possibility of her family discovering the websites would qualify as another attempt at garnering sympathy, but for someone who loved her so much and understands the power of web search technology, he certainly didn't care much for her privacy over the course of the 4+ year existence of the site which contained bountiful childhood and adult photos as well as photos of a risque nature. However, this paragraph is significant in that it finally acknowledges that the site includes fake photos and was for monetary gain. There remains no proof that Nancy ever existed as a real person, and the association of Kevin Garvey with shifty activities and an application of Occam's Razor (embrace the simple solution) leads this author to conclude that it is Kevin Garvey behind the hoax and not an unverifiable figure named Nancy who, according to her biography and FAQ, is supposedly an early-transitioning transsexual with advanced college degrees stealthily living a fulfilling life as a fully passable woman who for some reason needs a website to tell her story with faked pictures to make money to supplement her income as a professional counselor.

The thrust of the letter appears in the second paragraph where he requests that the relationship between his personal information and this analysis be removed. However, this relationship is entirely factual and important in making the broader argument about the background behind

The third paragraph claims that the website will be taken down imminently and indeed, as of this writing, the site appears to be down. However, the removal of the site does not change the history as related by this analysis and in the absence of this analysis, the legend of Nancy would remain unchallenged.

The fourth paragraph makes a blunt claim that ALL of the reposted articles were done legally and with permission of copyright holders. This is both illogical and known to be false. No copyright holder would willingly agree to erase their own name and allow someone else to claim copyright under a different name as Kevin Garvey did in every case documented below. Furthermore, this author has correspondence that confirms he did not have everyone's legal permission. An example letter from one of the injured parties states:

Saw your web page recently. Nice job. I applaud you for standing up and sharing the truth.

When confronted with the news that one of the injured authors had thanked this author, Kevin Garvey replied:

From: "KG Enterprises"
To: "Rej Mnelo"
Subject: re: Removal of boy2womanhoax site and materials
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 00:52:10 -0400

I simply state, again, that if my name and personal information are not removed I will, I must, seek legal action to get it removed. I have more legal footing now that it is just defamation of character at this point.

I wonder if the "thank you" letter came before or after they contacted me and realized that I was given permission by the author to reprint their articles. Sometimes the contact address does not go to the author directly but to a representative who doesn't have all the facts. I only had two instances where I posted something before I had permission. But ALL of the authors in question, if you are talking about the vocal coaches or the web articles, either gave me permission beforehand or afterwards. People like Jeannie Deva were only too happy to let me reprint their articles. Only one author angrily asked me to pull their article. I pulled the vocal coaching website because it had no traffic for the upkeep it demanded and 664design is simply turning into a portfolio website of my work.

The point is, you make (and made) suppositional accusations with circumstantial evidence - not all the facts. That extended to boy2woman and to other websites I had a hand in.

>>You did not get copyright permission from everyone as you so boldly claim<< - This is what I mean. You mae a blanket statement like this without any facts. Just because one person thanked you for pointing somethingout doesn't mean it panned out the way you imagined it did.

This kind of stuff is bad enough but what I most objected to was the posting of my personal contact information without my permission. Besides the fact that it crossed the line in regards to my family, it's just plain illegal. I have to protect my family - at any cost.

Which is why I ask, again, to remove your website and all personal information regarding my full name, my address, email addresses, phone numbers, other websites I have designed or appear on and any other informamtion that links me to boy2woman. There are more people involved here than just me and you have no right to involve them.

Kevin Garvey

He opens the letter with another legal threat, although a factual statement about confirmed copyright violations does not qualify as defamation. He then tells another plausible story about how the permission letters he allegedly received may have come from representatives this author did not contact or after verification checks were made. He makes the bold and testable claim that ALL authors gave permission beforehand or afterwards.

The charge of suppositional accusations made through circumstantial evidence is his opinion. This author follows strict logical tests (if he claims that ALL authors gave permission and at least one is found not to have given permission, then it is a correct conclusion that his statement is a lie and that he did NOT get ALL permissions). The evidence of plagiarism is documented directly from the injured parties and not circumstantial (letters are available for inspection if it comes to that, but any legal motion would be better off contacting the injured authors directly to remove any uncertainty in the handling of evidence). The reader will notice that letters from the injured parties are not reproduced here in their entirety nor are authors identified. Although this author would prefer to share such explicit evidence with the reader, promises have been made to the injured parties to not directly involve them in this public debate. In any event, if Kevin Garvey does have permission letters as he claims, then he could readily proceed with a lawsuit. However, this author is confident in the available evidence received directly from the injured parties that Kevin Garvey did violate copyrights without permission. The whole copyright issue was originally a rather minor matter in the investigation. However, when it appeared there was significant plagiarism, that had direct bearing on the credibility of

His objection to posting of personal information is tempered by the fact that this information is available from public sources to anyone with moderate internet skills and directly connected with the websites under analysis. Note that he does not dispute his connection with the sites involving copyright violations or This author has not involved his family in any way and all analysis has been narrowly directed at his web activities.

In response to his claim that timing and uncoordinated statements may have been made regarding permission to republish articles, and to test his claim that ALL authors gave permission at some point in time, this author reinitiated contact with authors in late October. Some responses have since been received between October 28, 2006 and November 1, 2006 and all responses received to date have refuted his claim. Excerpts from the responses, edited to remove identifying information, include:

So, officially, he never had [] permission because he did not comply with [the conditions] for re-publishing

And from another author:

No, I never gave him permission and never would give permission for someone to replace my name.

This author stands by the opinion that content was plagiarized and that deceptive excuses were offered. This author considers these a relevant means by which to assess the credibility of

It is important to acknowledge that not all authors have responded. Thus, the conclusion should be revised to say that the original opinion of blanket plagiarism remains held by this author because it is supported by direct evidence from some of the injured authors that refutes Kevin Garvey's claim of having received all permissions necessary. This author considers the analysis over. With the most recent set of copyright-related defenses disproven again, there is no need to wait for any other author responses. Further investigation is unlikely to produce any interesting new information in this vein.

July 22, 2006: Update

An unknown individual lodged a complaint with, the hosts of one of the mirrors of this content. The site was removed, with no opportunity for this author to rebut. This is an unfortunate action as it encourages the misrepresentation and false business context that continues on

Fortunecity removed the page for reasons of "defamatory content and porn." There is no porn (unless you count the breasts on the 1" thumbnails as porn). Defamation requires the intentional use of false statements and this site is meticulously researched and factually supported. (Defamation: "the act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation." Fortunecity is in no position to spend time acting as a judge for a free web site, so no effort will be made to debate the matter.

It should be noted that ever since this information went online in early 2005 with an invitation for people to email their comments, Kevin Garvey has never even so much as listed a single point of factual dispute with anything on this web site. He has, however, promptly removed challenged photos, issued legal threats and is believed to have argued in favor of through a suspected pseudonym email. This author remains ready to remove any content that is false and awaits the first factual rebuttal from Kevin Garvey.

May 15, 2006: Update

An email from was recently received by this author offering a defense of Nancy and alleging that some contents of the website prove that Nancy is a real transsexual person. The subsequent analysis below that was triggered by the email only further demonstrates the astonishing extent of both his personal and, as proven below, his professional deceptions.

April 4, 2005: Update (updated again in May 2006)

An email written by Kevin Garvey, the owner of the domain, demanded that this site "cease and desist" and threatened a variety of legal actions related to unauthorized use of his copyrighted content, among other things. This is a curious and hypocritical charge, especially since has itself used doctored images and images it doesn't own. Interestingly, the email makes no mention of the legitimacy of the analysis described on this site, but has instead responded by removing all of the challenged photos.

To date, in spite of his 48 hour deadline in April 2005, no further legal actions have been targeted at this geocities site. If he had contacted Yahoo's legal department as he claimed, they would have been able to take action on both the email address and this matching website.

With respect to the posting of personal information without permission, all of the posted information was put forth by Kevin Garvey himself with the understanding that it would be visible and connectable by anyone on the internet. Documenting his theft of other's content and the ongoing misrepresentation is a valid use of his content in the context of fair use and investigative reporting and there is no profit motive involved (in contrast to his own site which attempts to collect fees for a member's area without telling users that the entire site is blanketed with false content). In contrast to his claims, nothing here meets the legal definition of slander or defamation, mainly because they both require the intentional use of false statements. True written statements about bad behavior are at the heart of investigative reporting and the end result is that disreputable behavior should result in consequences. This author will readily retract material here if anything is proven to be false.

From: "KG Enterprises" <>
Subject: re: Boy2Woman Hoax Website
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 14:54:50 -0500
To the owner of the site
It has come to my attention that certain contact information, personal work related information and intellectual property belonging to me are being displayed on your webpage without my expressed permission.
Not only are in you in breach of terms of service, but you are now in violation of the law where my privacy is concerned. In addition, certain comments on the website border on the cusp of slander and defamation of character.
I have already contacted's legal department today by phone in regards to your breach of their terms of service and posting of my personal information, full name, telephone, work history and images on your webpage without my expressed permission. They are investigating the matter forthwith.
I have also contacted's legal department to let them know that a member is using an Internet email address as a contact for a webpage in violation of the law.
You have two options. Either you "cease and desist" displaying all my personal contact information (which includes the "whois" information, images from, (including all direct display of individual photographs and/or screen grabs of pages and resume information from devbistro) voluntarily within 48 hours from today or I will have them removed through legal channels. I can and will file defamation files with the local authorities in your jurisdiction once my lawyer gets access your personal information through the legal department of
You have 48 hours from Noon PST, Saturday April 2nd, 2005 to comply or I will commence legal proceedings.
Kevin Garvey


The well-respected Transsexual Road Map site has preserved a small archive of meticulously researched internet TS fakes. This page is an independent contribution to that effort.

The purpose of this page is to present evidence that the web site is a carefully crafted hoax that presents the alleged true story of a transsexual woman named Nancy, stem the misuse of copyrighted and/or personal content, reduce emotional distress caused to true transsexuals who struggle with social, legal, medical, and political challenges in a manner unknowable to an idealized and fabricated personality, and through this information alert subscribers to the context under which they are purchasing products and services. This analysis presents ample prima facia evidence that leads most readers to conclude that the overall context of the site is fraudulent.

This site acknowledge portions of original work on the,, and sites and hereby offers citations acknowledging those portions of work.

Kevin Garvey
Boy2Woman::A Transsexual Journey
(various dates in 2005 and 2006)
Kevin Garvey
Harder Faster - NYC's Only Hard Rock Cover Band
(various dates in 2005 and 2006)
Kevin Garvey Design for Small Businesses at Affordable Prices
(various dates in 2005 and 2006)

Comments may be sent to boy2womanhoax at yahoo dot com. As of May 2006, a number of individuals on the web have responded and expressed shock and disgust at the creator of and they have removed their links and eliminated their support of the site. The only non-negative responses have come from the owner of, one in the form of an unexercised legal threat and one in the form of the owner impersonating a disinterested third party (as determined by other third parties) voicing support for the site.

Site Ownership

A whois lookup of public domain information reveals that the owner of the domain is a Kevin Garvey residing in New York state. At the time of this writing, his email address is listed as

[excerpt of public whois record]

Kevin Garvey 
PO Box 754
Yonkers, NY 10705
Domain Name: BOY2WOMAN.COM
Administrative Contact :	 
Garvey, Kevin
PO Box 754
Yonkers, NY 10705
Phone: 914-969-6661

His online resume at and also available through a Google search (see below) shows ample web and Photoshop skills. The connection to the same Mr. Garvey is made via the identical email address present in the domain registration and the resume. (Note that recent changes to the resume website cause personal information to be hidden. However, the 8daysawk resume site username is connected to him through the bootlegzone discussion below.) This connection is mainly of casual interest and not conclusive of anything in itself, but it does establish the administrative owner of as having ample Photoshop skills. The relevance will be clearer below.

Analysis of Website

Sexually oriented terms in meta tag

The header of the home page contains the following code:

<meta name="keywords" content="shemale, transsexual, he-she, ladyboy, breast implants, downloads">

In contrast, the header of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (, a political advocacy group, contains the following code:

<meta name="keywords" content="transgender,TS,TG,CD,gay,lesbian,bisexual,gender,political,vote,advocacy, transsexual, FTM, MTF, intersex">

And the header of TS Roadmap (, a medical/legal information resource, contains the following code:

<meta name="keywords" content="transsexual, transsexuals, transsexualism, transgender, trans women, ftf, m2f male to female, man to woman, sex change, transgender, financing transition, sex reassignment surgery, vaginoplasty, hair removal, facial feminization, female voice">

The meta tag name/content pair is not displayed in browsers. Instead, it contains information meant to populate search engines in the hopes that people searching for those keywords will be given a link to the page in question. Note the use of the typically pornographic keywords "ladyboy" and "shemale" in the meta tag. Note also the appearance of the term "downloads" which is typically used in web searches when people are searching for free content (e.g. "free MP3 downloads"). In this case, a web user searching for "shemale downloads" could be directed to whereas a web user searching for "financing sex change" probably would not. Use of meta tag keywords is an intentional web design strategy. The absence of any serious terms typically associated with the significant issues facing transsexuals such as legal issues, surgical procedures, etc. indicates that the site isn't seeking to attract visitors interested in typical gender issues, but is instead trying to attract visitors interested in the pornographically slanted keywords.

The biography reads like a TS transformation novel

The biography is rife with clichéd references that are remarkably similar to those found in transformation fantasies.

  • "obvious female tendencies in my mannerisms and my voice"
  • "diagnosed with a small case of "lack of male love" from my father"
  • "always had narrower shoulders and fuller hips for a male. (And quite possibly the world's smallest feet!)"
  • "used all the breast enhancement, estrogen and milk producing tablets I could find"
  • "went under the knife to get breast implants"

By themselves, such details are inconclusive. However, the recurrence of the "breast implant" theme in the story and in the meta tag is interesting. The fixation on breast augmentation is further reinforced by the mention of "milk producing tablets" in the biography, whatever those might be.

Subscriptions may be for content already available from other sources

A "subscription preview" page was captured by Google in early 2004. This page has apparently been removed from the boy2woman website. The sample content appears to have been taken from porn sites and was being resold under cover of a "donation." For example, the first sample image in the page is Barbara Belluci, a top-tier Brazilian TS porn star, who is unlikely to have any legitimate business connection with boy2woman. The full and original content, including videos and other bonuses, is readily available from the original providers for a legitimate subscription price. recently changed from PayPal to a merchant account where subscribers can bill their credit cards directly. The site remains ambiguous about exactly what a subscriber gets when they subscribe to the "Members Area", but if you choose to subscribe, this author recommends analyzing the terms of the arrangement carefully to ensure that you understand exactly what you are getting for your money. At one time, you would pay more for the illogically overpriced 6 month package compared to the 3 month package. You are also not told exactly what your membership will entitle you to receive other than being a "member" of a club that makes no commitments on what you get in return. The site also offers a portal to a store that sells adult content and in this arrangement you are probably dealing with an independent operation that will deliver legitimate goods as advertised. However, this author suspects that boy2woman receives a commission on sales and the reader should consider whether they would enjoy better pricing by going to a direct online retailer rather than paying commission, and whether the paying of commision to a website of dubious authenticity is a desired end result.

Photographic analysis

The remaining section analyzes photographs in the boy2woman gallery. Because this gallery is fluid and quietly modified in response to evidence of fraud, original images are reproduced here for historical analysis purposes.

General dissimilarities in the photographs

While some of the photos seem to be of the same person, many clearly are not. In the she_he.jpg picture, note the heavy underlid bags, high forehead, lack of a widow's peak, and heavy browbone. Nearly all of these features are lacking in the other pictures.

The remaining pictures selected from the gallery show that few of the people in these pictures are the same. Hairline shapes and forehead height are significantly different, chins and jawlines differ, the high point of the cheeks moves around, and eyebrow shapes differ more than would be expected. In particular, look at the 2 photos with the men which were allegedly taken in September 2003 and November 2003. In these, the horizontal alignment of the top row of teeth take a turn for the worse in November. The site makes brief mention of a series of facial feminization surgeries in her biography. Though this explanation may sow uncertainty in the casual visitor, it fails to explain the radical and frequent differences in the photos.

(Nancy is believed to be 2nd from the left, but none of the women in this photo resemble any of the others on the website.)

The wholly inconsistent glamour photo

The glamour photograph is described as having been taken in the post-college years in the 1990's using a cheap camera ("in a kitchen"). These claims are inconsistent with the facts of the photograph.

This particular photo appears to have originated from a professional studio photographer and reused with little or no modification. In doing so, a DigiMarc digital watermark (intended to help protect the copyright and digital rights of professional digital artists) remains resident in the file's comments. Digital watermarking is uncharacteristic of cheap photography and none of the other photos on the site are known to contain digital watermarks.

Further analysis shows that the image was not taken on a cheap camera, nor was it taken in the mid 1990's. The binary headers of the image show that the image was shot on a Canon EOS D30, on March 4, 2001. The Canon EOS D30 is a professional digital camera that first hit the market in late 2000 with a far-from-cheap street price of $3000. This photo is an interesting piece of evidence because it has been on the site for a number of years and is apparently not a fabricated photo because any tampering would have likely damaged or removed the watermark and camera headers. Given the longevity of the photo and the claim that it is an original, the presence of the photo is no accident. This photo was quietly removed from the boy2woman website and the reader can draw their own conclusions about how that action should be interpreted.

Fraudulent boy2woman t-shirt photos

The original versions of these photos belong to, a California-based professional in the sports media business. He travels with a bevy of models who accompany him at his appearances. The original images are identical to those posted on in every way, except they contain the real model's face and not a doctored face, they are more authentic, clearer, do not contain the doctored logo, and are of trusted pedigree because these models appear in other photos. Visit the links below to see the original photos.

Click for original
Click for original

Fraudulent photo with Kim Devine

The picture with Kim Devine, a TS porn star, is fake. The pictures are self-explanatory. This photo was also on the website for a few years.

The cut and paste mouth

The mouths in the doctored Kim Devine and millerlite images are cut-and-paste mirror images. In addition, note how the forehead length and chin length are different despite the identical mouth sizes.

Songsmith664 Letter Analysis

The following email was received in May 2006 from songsmith664 in defense of the boy2woman site. songsmith664 makes a clever, low-key set of suggestive, indirect arguments to this author to keep an open mind, probably in the hope that the content of this site will be changed. This author and others are of the opinion that songsmith664 is none other than Kevin Garvey.

The letter is extremely thorough in terms of the construction of its own facade. songsmith664 tries to sound reasonable ("while I don't condone trickery"), tries to sow doubt in the analysis ("one can never know for sure"). He attempts to be a thoughtful and up-front member of the TG community (signing with "Steve/Deb"). He subtly fans the fear of legal action by offering friendly legal advice and warnings. He asserts the existence of counter-evidence in the form of a video (which, interestingly, can only be viewed if one pays to subscribe). He pre-empts any attempt to analyze the video evidence by claiming that he doesn't have the capacity to save the file (even though such a claim is technically implausible). The entire email is cunningly manipulative.

It should be noted that there are recent photos but they are also easily shown to be fraudulent. As far as the alleged "convincing" video goes, this author will not pay for an ambiguous membership in order for the privilege of viewing what are almost certainly videos lifted from elsewhere. This author invited songsmith664 to send copies of the content for analysis and no such content has been received. The alleged lack of disk space argument in the email is specious; a 90 second file is small enough to easily save on pretty much any computer if the content was a downloaded file, and even if it's streamed (harder to save due to copy protection features) one merely has to do a PRNT SCRN to capture some video screen shots.

There is no legal issue as far as this author is concerned since all the information is posted by Kevin Garvey himself or a matter of official public record. Furthermore, relevant portions of are fraudulent and violate others' copyrights and this investigation and the comparative analysis is entirely within the realm of fair use and investigative reporting.

Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 23:07:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Songsmith" <>
Subject: re: Boy2woman website
To: "Rej Mnelo" <>
Thanks for the reply. I understand your point of view and agree with some points but truly, one can never really know the intentions of another. Perhaps there is a true transsexual named "Nancy" and that all or parts of the story are true. One can never know for sure. The doctoring of photos and backstory embellishments may just be a way of throwing people off the true identity of the actual person. While I don't condone trickery, there may be an honest motive behind it. But who knows?
After your website went up there seemed to be a turn on her website to offering more authentic photos - probably to prove there is an actual transsexual named "Nancy" somewhere. The posting of the video clip was pretty convincing to me. I'm not sure someone would take the time and expense to fake a video clip in that way - that only a handlful of people actually got to see - just fulfill some sort of TS fantasy. It's a shame I didn't have the capacity to dowload and save it, otherwise I'd send it to you. It was very straight forward talking to the camera then revealing her body. It was undoubtedly the person in the website photos. It only lasted about 90seconds but it sure looked real to me.
As for the legal threats, I can't say why they weren't acted upon - perhaps your hosting company would not cooperate in giving out your info or they simply felt it's easier just to ignore you. Again, who can know for sure? But I would caution you in mentioning or posting anybody's personal information without their consent - especially if it falls within possible slander. I know it's info anyone can look up if they want to but you really don't have the right to post it and call them basically a liar. That's just asking for trouble. But that's must my humble opinion.
anyway, thanks again for the reply.

While at first glance this may look like a rational and open-minded response from a disinterested third party, it appears to form part of an elaborate continuation of a broad fabric of hoaxes. The extent of the hoaxes reaches farther than this author ever imagined and is mind-boggling in its scope. The reader is asked to patiently analyze the recently gathered evidence. With respect to the claim that songsmith664 is Kevin Garvey, the reader should keep in mind the following facts as they read the evidence.

  • Kevin Garvey's email address from his publicly posted resume is Note the term 664 in the address. This is a recurring theme in his identifying information.
  • Kevin Garvey's business website is Interestingly, his business website gets dragged into this analysis as well (see Plagiarism below) but it is the recurrence of the term 664 that is significant here.
  • Another of his business websites is as cited by an unhappy customer.
  • The originating address of the above email is Note again the appearance of 664. One could argue that this is merely coincidence although it strains belief that an unrelated individual with 664 in their email address would write regarding a site involving Kevin Garvey whose own email and business websites all contain the value 664.
  • Kevin Garvey is a competent musician and considers himself to be influential and knowledgeable in the field (see Plagiarism analysis below). This aligns with the "songsmith" moniker.
  • A search on songsmith664 reveals a trail that others have identified over the last several years of unscrupulous business activity and more false identities. Other individuals concluded that songsmith664 was Kevin Garvey impersonating a third party and defending Kevin Garvey back then, and this author concludes that songsmith664 is Kevin Garvey defending his fake boy2woman site today. The reasoning is discussed in detail below.
  • A search on the words Kevin Garvey and 8daysawk (a reference to the Beatles song and the username for his online professional resume as noted above) turns up another discussion thread where his business practices and impersonation activities are described in unfavorable terms by various third parties. The parties in the discussion link songsmith664 to Kevin Garvey.

Ghost Identities

The website is a site for trading musical recordings. A Google search on "songsmith664" returns a remarkable discussion thread in 2002 in the BootlegZone Hall of Shame in which a number of participants debate the integrity and identity of songsmith664. Google's recently cached version of the page may be useful if one is unable to enter the site. A mirrored version is here.

A search on "kevin garvey 8daysawk" produces a similar but separate bootlegzone discussion thread initiated by none other than the site administrator himself in which Kevin Garvey's company Fabadelic is criticized for not delivering on goods. Again, various ghost identities used by Kevin Garvey jump in with cover stories. View the Google cached version if the direct link doesn't work. A mirrored version is here. What is particularly interesting is that songsmith664 claims in this thread to be Kevin Garvey's "roommate". You can see a remarkable string of grandiose cover stories and deflections: how songsmith664 is not Kevin Garvey but is his roommate, how Kevin Garvey isn't even the trader's real name (even though another trader sent payment to the legal name Kevin Garvey), how Kevin Garvey had to go into hiding and skip out on deals because of the FBI, how songsmith664 is a close friend and roommate and knows all about these Kevin Garvey excuses (but in the above email claims to know nothing about the activities of webmaster Kevin Garvey or identity of Nancy of boy2woman), etc.

The thread is lengthy and a summary is provided below. In it the participants conclude that Kevin Garvey is being defended by 2 false identities paprbkwrtr and songsmith664, both of which are actually Kevin Garvey.

  • Leonid complains about not getting the products he was expecting from direct business dealings with a person who identified himself as Kevin Garvey.
  • paprbkwrtr claims to have had good luck with Kevin and explained that lengthy business trips take Kevin away for extended periods of time.
  • Leonid complains that he tried for 6 months.
  • paprbkwrter explains that Kevin can be away for months at a time with recognizable big name bands. (These claims are impressive and disarming, but also utterly unverifiable. The big lie often works best, as some say.)
  • Falcon identifies paprbkwrter as an ID used by Kevin and warns people to avoid trading with him. In the context of these poor experiences, he also cites a company called Fabadelic that Kevin was involved with.
  • Leonid gets angry and warns people to stay away from Kevin. He shares a new website at where Kevin continues to conduct his trading business.
  • Songsmith664 enters the discussion and creates more smokescreens. He makes the bold claim that the name Kevin Garvey cited by Leonid is not even the person's real name.
  • A new reader points out the suspicious numeric relationship between and songsmith664.
  • songsmith664 crafts another strained but impossible-to-disprove explanation that the date June 1964 is coincidentally connected to birthdates of the website owner and songsmith664. He later chimes in with soothing, friendly chitchat.
  • Falcon points out additional suspicious connections where paprbkwrter is defending Kevin in other discussion threads. In addition, he points out how odd it is that songsmith664 suggests an explanation that involves knowing personal details such as birthdates and that this would be the mistake made by someone who actually knew both the birthdates and rationale behind the names. Such information would only be known if they were all the same person or they were friends, and none of the defensive messages made the claim of any direct personal knowledge.

In summary, others (way back in 2002, long before this site came online) have independently concluded that Kevin Garvey is involved in grandiose deceptions that violate good internet citizenship and simple ethics. They observed and concluded that when they exposed his bad business practices, he resorted to lies and employing new identities in an attempt to outweigh the complainants and silence the discussion.

"Nancy's Man" Image Analysis

In response to the suggestion in the songsmith664 letter that more authentic photos have appeared on the boy2woman site that might prove the existence of Nancy, this author has conducted some more analysis. The following new photo claims to be of Nancy where the man in the photo is referred to as "my man" or "my main squeeze". See the bottom of this page for the captured gallery image and caption.

This image has numerous editing artifacts which reveal it as a fake image. The shadow under her left armpit is unnaturally dark and unsaturated with any color (in constrast, note the natural shades of brown color under her right armpit). The black jacket would cause the armpit to go darker brown because of less reflected light off the jacket shoulder, not black. At the point where her arm disappears behind his neck there is some black shadow near his shoulder. On the top edge of her arm are lingering remnants of hair that weren't edited away; on the bottom edge is shadow. That portion of shadow is impossible since the surface of her arm nearest his neck is facing the camera or facing up. In summary, the uniform strip of black shadow extending along her underarm is a simple digital photo manipulation involving a gentle stroke of a black paintbrush. The actual shading would be more wedge-shaped due to the shifting angle of the forward-facing surface of her arm as one follows his shoulder line; at the far end of his shoulder her arm surface faces down and there should be more brown and near his neck her arm faces out or up and there should be little brown. In addition, the stark edge forming the corner of the armpit and jacket shoulder is unnatural.

The current mouth (left) is the same cut-and-paste mouth (right) used in the discredited sportsbybrooks image above, right down to the low-resolution glitch that causes the upper end of one of her incisors to extend into her lip region.

Finally, an enhanced closeup of the boundary between the breast and his chest (where substantial editing would have been necessary) reveals an unrealistic edge effect and an unusually bright jacket behind her bust. The jacket should be relatively dark in that region due to the shadowing of her bust. This unnatural boundary is visible on some extremely bright, high contrast LCD displays without need for enhancement.

In addition to being a false image, the claim of a relationship can be challenged as well. The same man appears in an older "3-some" photo (see galleries below). This person is Kevin Garvey. Plenty of additional photos of him can be found at his rock band site [image]. If there is any doubt that this is Kevin Garvey, consider the article on the website at with his name on the byline which discusses singing technique. There is more analysis of this article later. [image]

Knowing that the individual in the picture is Kevin Garvey, we now assess the viability of the claim that he is Nancy's man. Unless he is having an extremely durable (according to the photo gallery below at least since 2004, possibly since 2001) long-distance relationship (he lives in NY, Nancy allegedly lives on the West coast according to her biography), it is doubtful that any woman named Nancy has the stated relationship with him.


While one might excuse a grade-schooler if their homework involves copying of passages of work off the internet, it definitely does not excuse wholesale plagiarism of other's entire works to promote one's own career. Recall the article on voice technique mentioned above [image]. Here is the content of his original article (published in March 2006 but recently removed) with annotations. Note that as soon as he discovers this analysis or is contacted by the original author he will alter or disable his site. Watch for the change shortly after he is exposed.

The Secret to Singing with Power Part 2
By Kevin Garvey
Vowels and Consonants
Vowel sounds originate from the vibration of your vocal folds. Consonants are created with an exhaled air stream and are formed by your mouth. If emphasized, consonants will push out too much air and tense the muscles in your throat and mouth. This condition makes it difficult for your voice to work well. In response, your throat and tongue muscles may tighten in an effort to produce the note despite too much air coming out. It will produce strain, a choked sound, off pitch notes, entirely missed notes, register break and result in vocal fatigue. The problem usually becomes more severe as you sing higher and louder.
When you work correctly with vowels, it will relax the acoustic chamber of your throat and mouth which increases your volume through resonance. Consonants should not be stressed as you sing. Let the vowels take the spotlight.
Self Test:
Say the word "how." Put extra emphasis on the "H" as you do so. Now sing the word in the same way. Notice how your throat feels and your voice sounds when stressing the "H" sound. Sing the word again and this time, as you sustain the tone, form the "W." Decide if you like this outcome. Now try singing it with minimal air on the "H" and instead, emphasizing the "O" (which will sound more like an "Ah" when you sing it). Notice the result. Emphasizing the vowel sound should feel and sound better.
Putting This to Use
Go through a song you find challenging, as follows:
1) First sing the melody of the song substituting the vowel "Ah" for the lyrics. Pronounce it naturally and focus on singing the same "Ah" pronunciation for each pitch. Using only this vowel sound, sing the melody very smoothly note to note. (This may change your usual phrasing and tempo.)
2) Now sing the song through using the lyrics and note any changes.
3) Next, talk through the lyrics and notice the sound of each vowel.
4) Maintaining this awareness, sing the song. Be aware that the pronunciation of many vowels, when sung, is often different than their spelling. Example: "I" is often pronounced more like "Ah" or "Say" uses more of an "Eh" than an "A" sound.
5) If you run into any trouble spots, chances are you're pushing and closing your mouth on the consonants that begin or end the word, while trying to sing the vowel.
6) Sing that word or phrase again, focusing on the vowel and letting the consonant(s) take a secondary role.
7) On any melody note that has a long duration, such as at the end of a phrase, notice; are you simultaneously closing your mouth prematurely ending the word or are you letting the vowel sound sustain? Try it both ways and decide which you like better.
Thanks for stopping by.
©2006 Vocal Fire

Everything highlighted in green is taken without credit from the website [image]. Kevin Garvey plagiarized 100% of the original article written by Jeannie Deva, a professional singer and voice teacher. Such extensive plagiarism and claiming of copyright on others' works is illegal and the absence of the slightest credit to the original author is reflective of the blatant misrepresentation that colors everything analyzed to date.

As mentioned previously, the extent of Kevin Garvey's brazen theft is astonishing. Other articles listed in the margin of his archives are also plagiarized.

Compare the original article by Yvonne DeBandi at [image] with the one at [image]. Again, this article was entirely plagiarized.

Similarly, compare the original article by Jeannie Deva at [image] with the one at http:// [image]. Once again, this article was entirely plagiarized.

Based on this history, this author was not too surprised to find that Kevin Garvey appears to practice plagiarism to misrepresent his professional qualifications as well. He posts a number of articles allegedly authored by him to promote his expertise as a web designer at his business site At the time of this writing, every one of his home page tutorial articles was found to directly copied from original articles written by other authors. Kevin Garvey cited himself as the author and claimed copyright without giving credit to any of the original authors (it is extremely unlikely that any author would agree to these republishing conditions, hence this author's assumption of plagiarism). This author has not spent the time investigating the remaining articles on because, quite frankly, it is becoming rather boring to find that much of what he touches seems to involve fraud, but it is reasonable to expect similar intellectual property theft and misrepresentation for the other articles on his business site.

Here are the details on the 4 plagiarized home page tutorial articles at in May 2006.

Compare the original article by Dan Morgan at [image] with the one at [image]. This article was entirely plagiarized.

Compare the original article by Jimmy Whisenhunt at [image] with the one at [image]. This article was entirely plagiarized. In fact, the plagiarism was so complete that Kevin Garvey even copied the original article's technically fatal spelling error (using the incorrect spelling "robot.txt" that would render the file useless instead of the correct spelling "robots.txt" in the second line). Jimmy Whisenhunt corrected this error in later versions of his article.

Compare the original article by Bina Omar at [image] with the one at [image]. This article was entirely plagiarized.

Compare the original article by Kelly Paal at [image] with the one at [image]. This article was entirely plagiarized.

This widespread practice of apparent plagiarism is no accident. It is just another example in a long chain of deceit which is now known to include professional misrepresentation and self-serving copyright infringement, evasive behavior over unfulfilled business dealings as reported by independent parties years ago, and what this author deems to be an unrevealed fantasy transsexual figure named Nancy who, by implication, forms a deceptive context for an internet business.

Page Capture

For documentation purposes, several of the analyzed photos are captured here in the context in which they appeared on the boy2woman website on January 19, 2005. Further documentation of the history of photo use as captured by other sources can be found here.

The following page was captured in May 2006.