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New York-based web designer Kevin Garvey of and maintained a fake transsexual website called until late 2006. The site allegedly featured his girlfreind "Nancy" and sold subscriptions to a pornographic members-only area.

The information below was researched and reported by a rader and is maintained here for historical purposes. This page is a mirror of original research done by the author of hoax:

For additional information, please see the updated tsroadmap page on boy2woman.

April 4, 2005: Update

A letter written by Kevin Garvey, the owner of the domain, demanded that this site "cease and desist" and threatened a variety of legal actions related to unauthorized use of his copyrighted content, among other things. This is a curious charge, especially since has itself used doctored images and images it doesn't own. Interestingly, the letter makes no mention of the legitimacy of the analysis described on this site, but has instead responded by removing all of the challenged photos.


The well-respected Transsexual Road Map site has preserved a small archive of meticulously researched internet TS fakes. This page is an independent contribution to that effort.

The goal of this page is to present evidence that the web site is a hoax, stem the misuse of copyrighted and/or personal content, and through this information alert subscribers to the possible context of the business exchange in which they may be entering or have previously entered. This analysis presents ample prima facia evidence that leads most readers to conclude that the overall context of the site is fraudulent.

Site Ownership

A whois lookup of public domain information reveals that the owner of the domain is a Kevin Garvey residing in New York state. At the time of this writing, his email address is listed as kg644@[ispname]. His online resume at shows ample web and Photoshop skills. The connection to the same Mr. Garvey is made via the identical email address kg664@[ispname] present in the domain registration and the resume. This connection is mainly of casual interest and not conclusive of anything in itself, but it does establish the administrative owner of as having ample Photoshop skills. The relevance will be clearer below.

Analysis of Website

Sexually oriented terms in meta tag

The header of the home page contains the following code:

<meta name="keywords" content="shemale, transsexual, he-she, ladyboy, breast implants, downloads">

In contrast, the header of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (, a political advocacy group, contains the following code:

<meta name="keywords" content="transgender,TS,TG,CD,gay,lesbian,bisexual,gender,political,vote,advocacy, transsexual, FTM, MTF, intersex">

And the header of TS Roadmap (, a medical/legal information resource, contains the following code:

<meta name="keywords" content="transsexual, transsexuals, transsexualism, transgender, trans women, ftf, m2f male to female, man to woman, sex change, transgender, financing transition, sex reassignment surgery, vaginoplasty, hair removal, facial feminization, female voice">

The meta tag name/content pair is not displayed in browsers. Instead, it contains information meant to populate search engines in the hopes that people searching for those keywords will be given a link to the page in question. Note the use of the typically pornographic keywords "ladyboy" and "shemale" in the meta tag. Note also the appearance of the term "downloads" which is typically used in web searches when people are searching for free content (e.g. "free MP3 downloads"). In this case, a web user searching for "shemale downloads" could be directed to whereas a web user searching for "financing sex change" probably would not. Use of meta tag keywords is an intentional web design strategy. The absence of any serious terms typically associated with the significant issues facing transsexuals such as legal issues, surgical procedures, etc. indicates that the site will not attract visitors interested in typical gender issues, but will instead attract visitors interested in the listed keywords.

The biography reads like a TS transformation novel

The biography is rife with clichéd references that are remarkably similar to those found in transformation fantasies.

  • "obvious female tendencies in my mannerisms and my voice"
  • "diagnosed with a small case of "lack of male love" from my father"
  • "always had narrower shoulders and fuller hips for a male. (And quite possibly the world's smallest feet!)"
  • "used all the breast enhancement, estrogen and milk producing tablets I could find"
  • "went under the knife to get breast implants"

By themselves, such details are inconclusive. However, the recurrence of the "breast implant" theme in the story and in the meta tag is interesting. The attention to breast augmentation is further reinforced by the mention of "milk producing tablets" in the biography, whatever those might be.

Subscriptions may be for content already available from other sources

A "subscription preview" page was captured by Google in early 2004. This page has apparently been removed from the boy2woman website. The sample content appears to have been taken from porn sites and was being resold under cover of a "donation." For example, the first sample image in the page is Barbara Belluci, a top-tier Brazilian TS porn star, who is unlikely to have any legitimate business connection with boy2woman. The full and original content, including videos and other bonuses, is readily available from the original providers for a legitimate subscription price, or for free from usenet newsgroups. Pay some more and you'll get all the content straight from the source, or save your money and get some of the popular images for free from the newsgroups. recently changed from PayPal to a merchant account where subscribers can bill their credit cards directly. The site remains ambiguous about exactly what a subscriber gets when they subscribe to the "Members Area", but if you choose to subscribe, this author recommends saving some money by buying in 3 month increments rather than paying a dollar extra for the slightly overpriced 6 month package.

Photographic analysis

The remaining section analyzes photographs in the boy2woman gallery. Because this gallery is fluid and typically modified in response to evidence of fraud, original images are reproduced here for historical analysis purposes.

General dissimilarities in the photographs

While some of the photos are of the same person, many seemingly are not. In the she_he.jpg picture, note the heavy underlid bags, high forehead, lack of a widow's peak, and heavy browbone. Nearly all of these features are lacking in the other pictures.

The remaining pictures selected from the gallery show that few of the people in these pictures are the same. Hairline shapes and forehead height are significantly different, chins and jawlines differ, the high point of the cheeks moves around, and eyebrow shapes differ more than would be expected. In particular, look at the 2 photos with the men which were allegedly taken in September 2003 and November 2003. In these, the horizontal alignment of the top row of teeth take a turn for the worse in November. The site makes brief mention of a series of facial feminization surgeries in her biography. Though this explanation may sow uncertainty in the casual visitor, it fails to explain the radical differences in the photos.

The wholly inconsistent glamour photo

The glamour photograph is described as having been taken in the post-college years in the 1990's using a cheap camera ("in a kitchen"). These claims are inconsistent with the facts of the photograph.

This particular photo appears to have originated from a professional studio photographer and reused with little or no modification. In doing so, a DigiMarc digital watermark (intended to help protect the copyright and digital rights of professional digital artists) remains resident in the file's comments. Digital watermarking is uncharacteristic of cheap photography and virtually none of the other photos on the site contain digital watermarks.

Further analysis shows that the image was not taken on a cheap camera, nor was it taken in the mid 1990's. The binary headers of the image show that the image was shot on a Canon EOS D30, on March 4, 2001. The Canon EOS D30 is a professional digital camera that first hit the market in late 2000 with a far-from-cheap street price of $3000. This photo is an interesting piece of evidence because it has been on the site for a number of years and is apparently not a fabricated photo because any tampering would have likely damaged or removed the watermark and camera headers. Given the longevity of the photo and the claim that it is an original, the presence of the photo is no accident.

Fraudulent boy2woman t-shirt photos

The original versions of these photos belong to a California-based professional in the sports media business. He travels with a bevy of models who accompany him at his appearances. The original images are identical to those posted on in every way, except they contain the real model's face and not a doctored face, they are more authentic, clearer, do not contain the doctored logo, and are of trusted pedigree because these models appear in other photos. Visit the links below to see the original photos.

Click for original
Click for original

Fraudulent photo with Kim Devine

The picture with Kim Devine, a TS porn star, is fake. The pictures are self-explanatory. This photo has also been on the website for a few years.

The cut and paste mouth

The mouths in the doctored Kim Devine and millerlite images are cut-and-paste mirror images. In addition, note how the forehead length and chin length are different despite the identical mouth sizes.

Comments may be sent to boy2womanhoax at yahoo dot com.

Page capture

For documentation purposes, several of the analyzed photos are captured here in the context in which they appeared on the boy2woman website on January 19, 2005. Further documentation of the history of photo use as captured by other sources can be found here.

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