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Bailey Commentary

[156] 8 Terese and Cher

had sex with several men, always involving their penetrating her anally. Always, in these experiences she thought of herself as a woman rather than a man. Although she remained attracted to women, she did not manage to have sex with any. Cher insists that once Chuck became Cher, the sexual focus was no longer a self-image, but other people. After her sex change, she had vaginal sex with several men. Nevertheless, she complains about her sex life, and has not had a partner lately. Many men can tell that she is transsexual, and Cher insists on being honest about her past prior to sexual involvement. The fact that Cher used to be Chuck is a problem for most men. Some men are simply rude and cruel to her. Unlike many of her friends, Cher is unwilling to engage in casual sex with men (or women), and is waiting for someone who wants to spend time with her and date her. When she gets sexually aroused, she still masturbates simulating intercourse with a dildo while looking in a mirror; now the dildo penetrates her vagina rather than her anus.

I have never met anyone quite like Cher before. This is in part because Cher is a character, and she would be a character even if it were not for her unusual sex life and sex change. She is eccentric, talkative, and exhibitionistic. (One of the most strangely hilarious experiences I have ever witnessed was Cher lecturing to a group of gifted adolescents about transsexualism. She began dressed as a rough-talking man and eventually stripped down to Cher, in a bikini. I will never forget the wide open, sixteen-year-old mouths.) Although some elements of Cher’s story are very common to this kind of transsexual (especially the erotic cross-dressing), others (such as the wearing of fake vaginas) are unique to her. At least I have never met other transsexuals who admitted to this. Nevertheless, I think that Cher is a wonderful example of the second kind of transsexualism, less because she is representative than because she openly and floridly exemplifies the essential feature of this type, which is autogynephilia.



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