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Bailey Commentary

[154] 8 Terese and Cher

His activities also progressed. He used a coke bottle to penetrate his anus, fantasizing that it was a penis penetrating his vagina. Chuck’s artistic talents began to come into play. He constructed a "robot man" that could fulfill the fantasy of penetration. "Robot man" had a body, a penis made of a dildo, and even an arm that Chuck could manipulate to make it feel as if it was stroking his back. Chuck attached a mirror to his bedroom ceiling, and could view the image of the robot man on top of Chuck, dressed as a woman, "penis" in Chuck’s anus.

Chuck also began to take more elaborate steps to create the image of himself as a woman. He wore fake breasts and a feminine mask. (Chuck still had a beard.) He purchased several fake vaginas from adult bookstores. Although these are made for heterosexual men to view and penetrate, Chuck reversed that function. Born with one testicle, he discovered that he could invert his penis and scrotum into his body. He would then glue a fake vagina over his inverted genitals. Ever the artist (and an exhibitionist as well), Chuck frequently videotaped himself as a woman. In one segment, Chuck begins by standing "naked" (except for shoes) with mask and fake breasts and fake vagina. As Donna Summer sings "Love to Love You Baby" in the background, Chuck begins to walk toward the camera, somewhat awkwardly in high heels. Cut to Chuck, similarly "dressed," astride a dildo (which is anally penetrating him, though the image is constructed to look as if the penetration is vaginal), with the soundtrack (from a porno film) of a woman’s sexual moaning.



These activities, and the fantasies they fulfilled, were enormously erotic to Chuck, and they were all-consuming. He spent all night cross-dressing and enacting fantasies, and slept all day. He had abandoned art (except for his artistic contributions to his sexual fantasies). His family was concerned, because they felt that he was physically neglecting himself. He did not bathe regularly, for example, and others complained that he stank. Most of Chuck’s physical energies were devoted to cross-dressing and related sexual activity. Cher recalls that once, when Chuck was cross-dressed, having sex with "robot man,"

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